A. Sub-section 100.1 is deleted and rewritten to read, "100.1 Title: These regulations shall be known as the State of Maine DESIGN code for projects defined as PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS in Title 5, MRSA, Section 1741. "
B. Sub-section 103.4 shall have the following date inserted: October 2, 1974.
C. Section 109.0 is deleted and replaces with the following: 109.1 "The code shall be under the authority of the Bureau of General Services."
D. Sections 110.0, 111.0, 112.0, 113.0, 114.0, 115.0, 117.0, 118.0 and 119.0 are deleted and replaced with the following:

"Approvals of General Services will be made through the process established under the Financial Procedures of the Bureau of General Services, Department of Administrative and Financial Services."

E. Sections 123.0 and 124.0 are deleted.
F. Article 28 is deleted and replaced by the Maine State Plumbing Code.
G. Article 30 is deleted.
H. The National Fire Protection Association Publication N.F.P.A. 101 Life Safety Code as administered by the Maine State Department of Public Safety shall prevail in case of conflict with this code with respect to exiting requirements.
I. With respect to Article 31, The State of Maine Life Cycle Analysis shall be used in lieu of this Code except where this Code (BOCA) is made a part of the State of Maine Life Cycle Analysis document, either directly or by reference.
J. The more stringent of BOCA or N.F.P.A. 101 shall be followed in matters of design of air ventilation and exhaust systems. Exceptions may be made with the approval of the Bureau of General Services and the State Fire Marshal in cases where the use of the two codes causes an overlap of protection that exceeds reasonable protection.
K. The following "Section 1110.1.1 Reroofing" is added.

Adoption of by reference 1981 BOCA Code: February 13, 1984

Adoption by reference of 1987 BOCA Code: February 22, 1988

Copyright information: The BOCA National Building Code/1987: Model Building Regulations for the Protection of Public Health, Safety and Welfare, 10th edition. Copyright 1986 by Building Officials and Code Administrators, International, Inc.

Nonsubstantive revisions by administrative action of the APA Office, Department of Secretary of State, November 30, 1995: Correcting obsolete agency names to current agency names. "By reference" and copyright information added to adoption notes.



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