Md. Code Regs. - Garbage and Rubbish Disposal

Current through Register Vol. 49, No. 8, April 8, 2022

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. Garbage is stored in the following ways as applicable to the facility:
(1) In containers that:
(a) Are sufficient in number to hold all of the garbage that accumulates between periods of removal from the premises;
(b) Do not leak or absorb liquids;
(c) Are constructed of durable metal or another approved type of material; and
(d) Are provided with tight-fitting lids or covers unless kept in a:
(i) Vermin-proofed room or enclosure; or
(ii) Waste refrigerator;
(2) In storage areas that:
(a) Are clean; and
(b) Do not constitute a nuisance;
(3) In storage rooms or enclosures that:
(a) Are constructed of easily cleanable, grease resistant, washable materials; and
(b) Are vermin-proofed;
(4) In garbage containers outside the establishment that are located on a grease resistant, durable surface; and
(5) For damaged, adulterated, or recalled products, in designated areas separate from:
(a) Food;
(b) Equipment;
(c) Utensils;
(d) Linens; and
(e) Single service and single use articles that are held for credit, redemption, or return to the distributor;
B. Garbage containers are cleaned as necessary to prevent a buildup of soil:
(1) In a manner that does not contaminate food, equipment, utensils, or food preparation areas;
(2) With:
(a) Brushes for washing that may not be used for any other purpose;
(b) Can-washing machines;
(c) Steam-cleaning devices; or
(d) Similar equipment; and
(3) In an area that enables waste water from cleaning operations to be disposed of as sewage;
C. Food waste grinders are:
(1) Constructed and installed to comply with applicable State and local plumbing laws, ordinances, and regulations; and
(2) Not connected to a sink drain that is used for food or utensils;
D. All garbage and rubbish is disposed of:
(1) Daily, or as often as necessary, to prevent a nuisance or insanitary condition; and
(2) By a method that complies with applicable State and local laws, regulations, and ordinances; and
E. Used cooking grease and oils are stored, recycled, and disposed of in accordance with applicable State and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulations .19 adopted effective March 4, 1991 (18:4 Md. R. 447)
Regulations .19 adopted effective December 17, 2007 (34:25 Md. R. 2211)
Regulation .19A amended effective March 19, 2010 (37:4 Md. R. 341)

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