Md. Code Regs. - Sampling, Enforcement, and Reinstatement of License

Current through Register Vol. 49, No. 8, April 8, 2022

A. Frequency of Sampling. Pursuant to Health-General Article, § 21-804, Annotated Code of Maryland, during any consecutive 6-month period at least two samples of frozen desserts mix and frozen desserts shall be taken from each wholesale frozen dessert manufacturer. Samples of milk and milk products used as ingredients in frozen desserts shall be taken periodically.
B. Enforcement.
(1) In accordance with Health-General Article, § 21-813, Annotated Code of Maryland, the licensee shall be notified of violations.
(2) Whenever two of the last four consecutive samples of different batches of the same flavor of the same product, taken on separate days, exceed bacteria count, coliform determinations, or temperature standards as provided in Regulation .25 of this chapter, the licensee shall be notified of the results by mail and ordered to appear before the Secretary to review possible causes. At the same time, the licensee shall be warned that should the results of the next sample, collected within 14 days of the meeting, violate the standards by three of the last five bacteria counts, coliform determinations, or cooling temperatures, his license may be suspended. The suspension shall remain in effect so long as two of the last four consecutive samples exceed the limit of the standards.
(3) Failure to appear, without due notification, shall be cause for immediate suspension.
(4) Upon repeated violations, the Secretary may revoke a license following reasonable notice to the licensee and an opportunity for a hearing. This section is not intended to preclude the institution of court action. The Secretary may forego suspension of the license provided the product or products in violation are not sold, offered for sale, or given away.
(5) Whenever a phosphatase test is positive the cause shall be determined. When the cause is improper pasteurization, it shall be corrected and any product involved may not be sold, offered for sale, or given away.
C. Reinstatement of License.
(1) In accordance with Health-General Article, § 21-814, Annotated Code of Maryland, any license holder whose license has been suspended may make written application at any time for the reinstatement of his license. When the license suspension has been due to a violation of any of the bacteria, coliform, or cooling temperature standards, the Secretary, within 1 week after the receipt of a written application for reinstatement of license, shall issue a temporary license by letter, after determining by an inspection of the facilities and operation methods that the conditions responsible for the violation have been corrected. Samples shall then be taken at the rate of not more than two per week on separate days within a 3-week period, and the Secretary shall reinstate the license upon compliance with the appropriate standard as determined in accordance with §B of this regulation.
(2) Whenever the license suspension has been due to a violation of a requirement other than the bacteriological, coliform, or cooling temperature standards, the application shall contain a written statement of the effect that the violation has been corrected. Within 1 week of the receipt of the application, the Secretary shall make an inspection of the applicant's establishment and as many additional inspections thereafter as are deemed necessary to determine that the applicant's establishment is complying with the requirements.
(3) When the findings justify, the license shall be reinstated.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulations .29A amended effective January 12, 1987 (14:1 Md. R. 31)

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