Md. Code Regs. - Dairy Farm Construction and Plan Submission

Current through Register Vol. 49, No. 8, April 8, 2022

Pursuant to the standards set forth in the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, Section 12, for construction, reconstruction, or extensive alteration of a dairy farm, a person shall submit to the Department:

A. A plan and specifications before:
(1) Constructing or reconstructing a:
(a) Milk house;
(b) Milking barn;
(c) Milking stable; or
(d) Milking parlor;
(2) Converting or remodeling an existing building or structure for use as a:
(a) Milk house;
(b) Milking barn;
(c) Milking stable; or
(d) Milking parlor; or
(3) Adding, modifying, or replacing:
(a) A bulk milk tank;
(b) An entire milking system;
(c) Any part of a milking system;
(d) A washing system;
(e) Any part of a washing system; or
(f) A cooling system, including a plate cooler or bulk tank cooling system;
B. A plan and drawing bearing the name of a professional engineer or a representative of the company performing the work;
C. Contact information for the dairy farm, including:
(1) The full name, title, and telephone number of each applicant;
(2) The name of the dairy farm;
(3) The mailing address;
(4) The location; and
(5) Directions to the site;
D. A site drawing showing:
(1) The location of:
(a) The milk house;
(b) The milking barn;
(c) The milking stable;
(d) The milking parlor; and
(e) Each animal housing area; and
(2) Approximate distances in feet from the locations in §D(1) of this regulation, to:
(a) Cow yards;
(b) Ditches;
(c) Frost free style watering hydrants;
(d) Manure pits;
(e) Septic systems;
(f) Silos;
(g) Streams; and
(h) Wells or other approved water systems;
E. A detailed drawing:
(1) Of the interior, indicating dimensions, of:
(a) The milk house;
(b) The milking barn;
(c) The milking stable;
(d) The milking parlor; and
(e) Each animal housing area; and
(2) Showing the location of:
(a) Back/low prevention devices;
(b) Chemical dispensers;
(c) Compressors;
(d) Equipment;
(e) Floor drains;
(f) Frost free style watering hydrants;
(g) Hose bibs;
(h) Lighting;
(i) Pre-coolers;
(j) Toilets;
(k) Washing systems; and
(I) Watering troughs;
F. For pipeline and milking system installations:
(1) The make, model number, quantity, and specifications of milking equipment including pipeline and milking units;
(2) The make and model number of pumps used in the milking system, including specifications such as horsepower and cubic feet per minute;
(3) A drawing of the parlor or barn showing the location of:
(a) Milking equipment;
(b) Pipelines, including size and length of the piping;
(c) Wash lines, including size and length of each wash line;
(d) Receivers, if applicable;
(e) Pre-coolers, if applicable;
(f) Any other milk equipment; and
(g) The milk house, bulk tank, and animal housing area in relation to the milking parlor or milking barn;
(4) A description and diagram of the location of the backflow protection methods or devices that will be installed to protect the:
(a) Potable water supply on all plate coolers;
(b) Chemical pumps:
(c) Water lines; and
(d) Other fixtures;
(5) The type, such as gas or electric, and capacity of the hot water heating system; and
(6) Information and specifications for booster or supplemental heating systems, if utilized; and
G. For bulk tank or milk cooling systems installation:
(1) A drawing of the milk house with bulk tank location, floor drain locations, and clearance dimensions on both sides, in front, and above the manhole of the bulk tank;
(2) If part of a new installation, specific floor, wall, and ceiling finishes;
(3) Bulk tank specifications and cooling system specifications, including:
(a) Make;
(b) Model number; and
(c) Capacity; and
(4) Pre-cooler type and British thermal units capability, if applicable.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulation .15 adopted effective 46:10 Md. R. 485, eff. 5/20/2019

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