Md. Code Regs. - Plant Design and Facilities

Current through Register Vol. 49, No. 8, April 8, 2022

The person-in-charge shall ensure that:

A. The equipment and facilities needed to store, convey, transport, and bottle drinking water and wash and sanitize bottled water containers and bottling equipment and utensils in accordance with this chapter are provided and maintained in a sanitary condition;
B. The water supplied to a fixture is potable and meets the requirements in COMAR 26.04.01;
C. The sewage disposal system for the plant:
(1) Meets all applicable State and local codes; and
(2) Properly disposes of all wastewater;
D. Toilet rooms:
(1) Are separate for men and women;
(2) Are provided at the rate of one toilet for every 15 employees; and
(3) Do not open directly into an area in which:
(a) Source water or finished product water is handled, processed, or held; and
(b) Containers, utensils, or pieces of equipment are washed or held;
E. A bottling room:
(1) Is separated from other plant operations and storage areas by:
(a) Tight fitting walls;
(b) Ceilings; and
(c) Self closing doors;
(2) Has conveyor openings only large enough to allow passage of containers;
(3) Is mechanically ventilated using exhaust and supply air fans so that:
(a) Filtered air is supplied to provide a positive air pressure in the room; and
(b) Condensation does not accumulate on room surfaces and equipment;
(4) Has a floor sloped to floor drains;
(5) Has a floor, walls, and a ceiling that are:
(a) Smooth;
(b) Easily cleanable; and
(c) Impervious to water;
(6) Has a hand sink:
(a) In the room; or
(b) Directly adjacent to the room; and
(7) Has lighting that provides a minimum of 40 foot candles on all work surfaces;
F. A bottle washing room, if present:
(1) Meets the requirements in §E of this regulation; and
(2) Is situated in the plant and has equipment located within the room to minimize postsanitizing contamination of the containers before the containers enter the bottling room;
G. Clean and uncapped containers are protected from overhead contamination before and after filling with water by:
(1) Conveyor covers that meet the design specifications in Regulation .08 of this chapter; or
(2) Being held in rooms that have finished ceilings that are:
(a) Smooth;
(b) Easily cleanable; and
(c) Free of filth and condensation; and
H. Before making a change, alteration, or addition to equipment or facilities that convey, treat, or bottle drinking water, plans for the change, alteration, or addition are submitted to and approved by the Department, in accordance with Health-General Article, § 21-321, Annotated Code of Maryland.


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