Md. Code Regs. - Program Design and Operation

A. The CBO or local health department approved to operate an OADPO program:
(1) Shall provide protocols for the safety and security of OADPO program locations, equipment, and staff in accordance with Regulation .06 of this chapter that:
(a) Control the dissemination of hypodermic needles and syringes; and
(b) Allow for a full accounting of the number of hypodermic needles and syringes managed by the program;
(2) Shall offer participants:
(a) Overdose prevention education;
(b) Access to or a referral to obtain naloxone; and
(c) Harm reduction education;
(3) Shall ensure that all OADPO program staff have:
(a) Appropriate levels of expertise in working with individuals who inject drugs;
(b) Knowledge of harm reduction strategies; and
(c) Skills in implementing harm reduction strategies;
(4) Shall ensure that all OADPO program staff receive training approved by the Department to work with injection drug users and to provide referrals to:
(a) Community services;
(b) Counseling; and
(c) Preventative education;
(5) Shall ensure that all OADPO program staff demonstrate sensitivity to participant differences including:
(a) Cultural;
(b) Behavioral; and
(c) Values;
(6) Shall ensure that information collected to identify OADPO program participants is kept confidential according to:
(a) Health-General Article, § 24-906(b), Annotated Code of Maryland; and
(7) Shall ensure that there is a method of identification and authorization for OADPO program staff members who have access to:
(a) Hypodermic needles;
(b) Syringes; and
(c) OADPO program records;
(8) Shall develop and provide a protocol for linking participants to:
(a) Substance abuse treatment services;
(b) Testing for:
(i) HIV;
(ii) Viral hepatitis; and
(iii) STIs;
(c) Reproductive health services;
(d) Wound care; and
(e) Naloxone;
(9) Shall disseminate hypodermic needles or syringes and other preventive means for curtailing the spread of HIV and viral hepatitis at no cost to participants, including but not limited to:
(a) Injection supplies; and
(b) Safer sex supplies; and
(10) May not discriminate against participants based on factors including but not limited to:
(a) Culture;
(b) Language;
(c) Ability;
(d) Socioeconomic status;
(e) Sexual orientation;
(f) Gender identity;
(g) Age;
(h) Religion;
(i) Race; and
(j) Ethnicity.
B. Identification Card. OADPO program staff shall:
(1) Give each participant an identification card that includes the participant's OADPO program identification number;
(2) Advise participants to carry the identification card with them at all times; and
(3) If the identification card is lost by a participant, re-issue an identification card to the participant.
C. The CBO or local health department approved to operate an OADPO program may offer other services to OADPO program participants, including:
(1) Testing for:
(a) HIV;
(b) Viral hepatitis; and
(c) STIs;
(2) Wound care;
(3) Reproductive health services; and
(4) Substance abuse counseling, treatment, and recovery services.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulation .05 adopted effective 44:8 Md. R. 404, eff. 4/24/2017

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