Md. Code Regs. - Police Actions

A. This regulation does not apply if an owner or operator of a vehicle requests a specific towing service company or road service organization, regardless of that entity's ability to qualify under these regulations. The Authority may honor the request if the vehicle is safely on the shoulder of the road and is not impeding traffic flow, unless:
(1) It would create an unreasonable time delay;
(2) A traffic safety problem exists; or
(3) The vehicle is disabled in the roadway as a result of a collision or vehicle fire.
B. When there is a disabled vehicle, impounded vehicle, improperly parked vehicle, or unattended vehicle on Authority property, the police shall request their Police Communications Center to contact the permittee for that Authority property or zone to provide towing or repair services, as required.
C. Towing or repair service requests shall be sent by the Police Communications Center by telephone to the permittee for the Authority property or zone in which the vehicle requiring service is located. Requests shall include:
(1) The location of the vehicle or vehicles by mile marker or descriptive references, or both;
(2) The numbers and types of vehicles involved, including year, make, and model, if available;
(3) The nature of the service requested (for example, towing, tire repair, road service, etc.); and
(4) Other pertinent information.
D. In the event of specialized recovery requirements that cannot be met within a reasonable period by a permittee for an Authority property or zone of the Authority, the Police Communications Center shall call the nearest permittee which can provide the specialized equipment.
E. In the event of an accident involving multiple disabled vehicles, the permittee for that property or zone shall be advised of the number of vehicles requiring towing, and shall be given the opportunity to remove all of the vehicles if the permittee has, or can obtain, sufficient equipment to accomplish removal within a reasonable time. If a permittee lacks the equipment to handle multiple removals in a timely fashion, the Police Communications Center shall contact other permittees to assist in vehicle removals.
F. A police communications center shall maintain logs and records of towing service requests and responses.
G. Requests for towing or repair services may be cancelled by the police at any time. Neither the Authority, nor the police are responsible in any way for any costs incurred by a permittee in response to a request that is cancelled, or when a service is not rendered.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulation .11 amended effective April 5, 2010 (37:7 Md. R. 572)
Regulation .11A amended effective January 30, 2006 (33:2 Md. R. 83)
Regulation .11A, D, E amended effective August 15, 1994 (21:16 Md. R. 1384)
Regulation .11B amended effective April 5, 1999 (26:7 Md. R. 544)

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