Md. Code Regs. - Voter Registration Activities

A. Definition. In this regulation, "VRA distributor" means an individual who conducts the following voter registration activities:
(1) Offering Statewide VRAs to individuals interested in registering to vote or updating an existing registration;
(2) Assisting people with filling out Statewide VRAs; and
(3) Returning completed Statewide VRAs to the appropriate local board office.
B. Qualifications. Any individual is qualified to be a VRA distributor if the individual is 18 years old on or before the next General Election.
C. Instructing Authorities. The State Administrator and each election director shall provide instruction as described in §E of this regulation to VRA distributors.
D. Instruction Sessions. The State Administrator and each election director:
(1) Shall treat individuals and groups of VRA distributors seeking instruction fairly and equitably and afford equal access to instruction;
(2) Shall provide instruction during both election years and nonelection years:
(a) In accordance with a fixed schedule of instruction sessions, which shall be publicized in advance throughout the community that the local board serves; or
(b) Upon request;
(3) May not discontinue providing instruction during the period beginning 70 days prior to an election through one week before the deadline for voter registration; and
(4) Shall, at the completion of an instruction session, issue a certificate to each VRA distributor attending the session.
E. Scope of Instruction. The instruction shall include the following:
(1) How to fill out the Statewide VRA;
(2) How to ensure, to the extent possible, that the Statewide VRA is filled out completely and accurately; and
(3) The personal identification requirements for new applicants.
F. Requirements. A VRA distributor shall:
(1) Advise each applicant that the applicant may:
(a) Personally return the Statewide VRA to the appropriate local board office; or
(b) Permit the individual performing the voter registration activities to return the completed VRA to the local board; and
(2) Deliver completed VRAs to the appropriate local board within five days of receipt or by the next voter registration deadline, whichever occurs first.
G. Forms to be Provided.
(1) Except as specified in §G(2) of this regulation, the State Administrator or a local board shall provide Statewide VRAs to VRA distributors as follows:
(a) For a VRA distributor who presents a Certificate of Instruction described in §D(4) of this regulation, a sufficient number of Statewide VRAs to meet the individual's needs; or
(b) For a VRA distributor who does not present a Certification of Instruction described in §D(4) of this regulation, no more than 25 Statewide VRAs per day.
(2) The State Administrator or an election director may limit the number of Statewide VRAs if the State Administrator or election director:
(a) Does not have a sufficient number of Statewide VRAs to accommodate the request and still have a sufficient supply of Statewide VRAs for official office business; or
(b) Determines that the individual is not following all of the requirements of this regulation.
H. Compensation for Performing Voter Registration Activities. A VRA distributor may not receive compensation on a per registrant basis for voter registration activity.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulations .06 adopted as an emergency provision effective February 1, 2000 (27:6 Md. R. 635); adopted permanently effective April 17, 2000 (27:7 Md. R. 708)
Regulation .06 amended as an emergency provision effective July 3, 2002 (29:18 Md. R. 1440); amended permanently effective October 14, 2002 (29:20 Md. R. 1595)
Regulation .06B, E amended effective November 24, 2003 (30:23 Md. R. 1654)
Regulation .06B amended as an emergency provision effective October 11, 2005 (33:2 Md. R. 82); amended permanently effective February 13, 2006 (33:3 Md. R. 244)
Regulations .06 and new Regulation .06 adopted effective May 31, 2010 (37:11 Md. R. 767)

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