110 CMR 7.514 - Procedural Requirements When Sending Agency is Within the Commonwealth

(1) Any sending agency which intends to send, bring, or place a Massachusetts child into another state shall give advance written notice of its intention to the Compact Administrator of the Commonwealth and of the receiving state.
(2) The sending agency shall thereafter furnish the Compact Administrator of the Commonwealth and of the receiving state with all information requested by each Compact Administrator, provided that such information will consist of at least the following;
(a) The name, date and place of birth of the child.
(b) The identity and address(es) of the parent(s) and legal guardian(s).
(c) The name and address of the person, agency or institution to or with which the sending agency proposes to send, bring or place the child.
(d) A full statement of the reasons for such proposed action.
(e) Social assessment of the child and family (Form ICPC-101).
(f) Copy of all court documents relating to custody or adoption of the child, if applicable.
(g) A full statement of what the receiving state is being asked to do regarding the child.
(h) Copy of Request to Place Child (Form 100A), if applicable.
(i) Copy of Report on Placement Status Change of Child (Form ICPC-100B) for all retroactive applications, if applicable.
(j) Evidence that surrenders by parent(s) and/or termination of parental rights were accomplished fully in accordance with the laws of Massachusetts, or evidence that the process of terminating such rights has been commenced in accordance with the laws of Massachusetts.
(k) A home study of the proposed placement site conducted by a placement agency licensed or approved by the receiving state.
(l) In the case of placement for purposes of adoption, a description of each expense incurred or to be incurred by the adoptive parents, the amount of each such expense, the name and address of the payee, and the date of payment.
(m) In the case of placement for purposes of adoption, medical background information on the child (if born) and on the natural parents.
(n) Evidence of authority of sending agency to place child which may consist of any of the following as appropriate.
1. Court order;
2. Executed Voluntary Placement Agreement;
3. A notarized statement by a parent or legal guardian acting as a sending agency;
4. Executed surrender form executed in accordance with the requirements of M.G.L. c. 210.
(o) Whenever a private child welfare agency is the sending agency, a copy of its current license.
(p) If a child is of Indian heritage, verification that the placement is in compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.
(q) A pre-placement visitation plan which is consistent with good social work practice.
(3) The Compact Administrator of the sending state shall send copies of the information outlined above to the Compact Administrator in the receiving state.


110 CMR 7.514

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