506.004 - Noncountable Household Income

506.004. Noncountable Household Income

The following types of income are noncountable in the determination of eligibility for individuals described in 130 CMR 506.002:

(A) TAFDC, EAEDC, or SSI income;

(B) federal veteran benefits that are not taxable in accordance with IRS rules;

(C) income-in-kind;

(D) roomer and boarder income derived from persons residing in the applicant's or member's principal place of residence;

(E) most workers' compensation income;

(F) pretax contributions to salary reduction plans for payment of dependent care, transportation, and certain health expenses within allowable limits;

(G) child support received;

(H) taxable amounts received as a lump sum, except in the month received;

(I) income received by independent foster-care adolescents described in 130 CMR 505.002(H): Eligibility Requirements for Former Foster-care Individuals;

(J) income from children and tax dependents who are not expected to be required to file a tax return under Internal Revenue Code, U.S.C. Title 26, ยง 6012(a)(1) for the taxable year in which eligibility for MassHealth is being determined, whether or not the children or the tax dependents files a tax return; and

(K) any other income that is excluded by federal laws other than the Social Security Act.

(Amended by Mass Register Issue 1357, eff. 1/26/2018. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1374, eff. 7/1/2018. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1386, eff. 7/1/2018. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1396, eff. 7/26/2019.)

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