205 CMR 12.08 - Transportation

(1) The kennel owner or trainer who initiates transportation shall be responsible for the health, care, and safety of the greyhounds.
(2) A qualified individual shall accompany the greyhounds and be responsible for their care during each trip.
(3) All greyhounds transported to any licensed racetrack within the state shall be hauled in crates designed and used for the sole purpose of transporting greyhounds.
(4) Enclosures used in greyhound transportation shall be of sound construction and be maintained in good repair in order to ensure protection of the greyhounds from injury.
(5) Floors and lower sides shall be so constructed or covered on the inner surfaces in order to contain waste and bedding materials.
(6) Adequate space shall be provided so that the greyhounds contained therein may comfortably turn around, stand erect, sit or lie down.
(7) Openings shall be provided to ensure adequate ventilation while the greyhounds are in transport.
(8) Enclosures shall be cleaned and sanitized before each use.
(9) Any greyhound in obvious physical distress during transportation shall be provided with proper veterinary care as soon as possible.
(10) Greyhounds in transit exceeding one hour shall be provided, or shall have been provided prior to transit, with adequate food and water.
(11) Greyhounds in transit, within the Commonwealth, exceeding one hour shall have their physical condition and individual enclosures inspected at least every four hours, and their needs attended to immediately. Greyhounds shall be inspected more frequently in temperature extremes.
(12) Greyhounds in transit requiring special needs shall have those need conspicuously posted.


205 CMR 12.08

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