205 CMR 3.07 - Corrupt Practices

(1) No person shall influence, induce or conspire or connive with or attempt to do so, any owner, trainer, jockey, agent, driver, groom or other person associated with or interested in or having charge of or access to any horse entered or to be entered in a race for the purpose of fraudulently affecting the ultimate result of such race.
(2) No person shall give, offer, or promise, directly or indirectly, either in his or her own behalf or in behalf of another, any bribe, gift or gratuity in any form, for the purpose of influencing the result of a race, or which would tend to do so, to any of the following:
(a) racing officials or their assistants,
(b) owners, trainers, drivers, or their agents,
(c) any other person having duties in connection with a race or with the care of a race horse,
(d) any other person.
(3) No racing official or his or her assistant, no owner, trainer, driver, agent, no person having charge of or access to any horse, nor any other person shall accept or offer to accept on his or her own behalf or on behalf of another, any bribe, gift or gratuity in any form to influence the result of a race or which would tend to do so.
(4) No person shall willfully enter, or cause to be entered, or start a horse that he or she knows or believes to be ineligible or disqualified.
(5) No person shall offer or receive money or any other benefit for scratching an entry from a race.
(6) No person shall conspire with any other person for the commission of, or connive with any other person in any corrupt or fraudulent practice in relation to racing nor shall he or she commit such act on his or her own account.
(7) No person shall solicit bets on the grounds of an Association.
(8) No electrical or mechanical device or other expedient designed to increase or decrease the speed of a horse (or that would tend to do so), other than a whip, without having a whip spur attached thereto, shall be possessed by anyone or applied by anyone to a horse at any time on the grounds of an Association, during a meeting whether in a race or otherwise.
(9) No person shall tamper or attempt to tamper with any horse or equipment in such a way as to affect his or her speed in a race, nor shall he or she counsel or in anyway aid or abet any such tampering.


205 CMR 3.07

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