205 CMR 3.14 - Licenses, Registrations and Fees for Participants in Racing

(1) The following persons shall be required to take out a license from the Commission, and pay the current applicable annual fee: Driver, Trainer, Owner, Authorized Agent, Stable Employees, Veterinarian, Blacksmith, Vendors and Racing Officials.
(2) The fee shall accompany each application for license or registration. They expire December 31st of the year of issue, except stable employees whose license expire on March 31st.
(3) All applications for license and registrations to participate in racing shall be made to the Commission on forms supplied by the Commission. Any person making any false or misleading statements on an application for license or registration may be denied such a license or registration or may be assessed a fine, suspension or both. If already in possession of a license, said license may be revoked.
(4) Such application shall be submitted first to the Judges. In considering each application for a license the Judges may require the applicant, as well as his or her endorsers, to appear before them and show that said applicant is qualified in every respect to receive the license requested. Ability as well as integrity must be clearly shown by the applicant in order to receive the Judges' recommendation for the granting of the license.
(5) Before recommending any application for a license it shall be the duty of the Judges, individually and collectively, to ascertain if the applicant is qualified as to ability, integrity and right to the license applied for. And further, no application for a license shall be recommended by the Judges if the applicant's previous conduct in Massachusetts or elsewhere is considered to have been objectionable, obnoxious or detrimental to the best interest of racing.
(6) No application for a license or registration shall be recommended by the Judges and no license or registration will be issued by the Commission unless satisfactory evidence first is presented to the Judges that the person so applying will participate in the meeting over which the Judges have supervision.
(7) The Commission may refuse to license any applicant who has been refused a license by any other State Gaming or Racing Commission, the United States Trotting Association or turf governing body.
(8) The Commission may refuse to license any applicant whose previous conduct in Massachusetts or elsewhere in connection with horse racing is considered by the Commission to have been objectionable, obnoxious or detrimental to the best interest of racing.
(9) The Commission may also revoke any license if the holder of the same has violated any rule or regulation of the Commission governing his or her conduct in connection with horse racing, or where such conduct is objectionable, obnoxious or detrimental to the best interest of racing.
(10) All licenses granted shall be subject to the conditions set forth in the application therefor and the Commission shall have full discretion to suspend or revoke the same for any infraction of the conditions of the application of license and 205 CMR 3.00.
(11) No owner, trainer or agent shall start a horse unless all licenses and registrations required by 205 CMR 3.14(1) have been filed. Violators of 205 CMR 3.14(11) may be subject to suspension or a forfeiture.
(12) No application, except a license for ownership, will be considered for or granted to a person under 16 years of age. If younger than 18 years of age, an applicant for an owner's license shall submit a notarized affidavit from his or her parent or legal guardian stating that the parent or legal guardian assumes responsibility for the applicant's financial, contractual and other obligations relating to the applicant's participation in racing within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
(13) When an ownership is in the name of both husband and wife, both shall be licensed.
(14) Temporary Owner Licenses may be issued to Trainers acting as agents for their owners or to authorized agents representing their owners. Temporary licenses will be valid for a period of 30 days from date of approval. Every Temporary Owner's License must be followed by an application from the owner received by the Commission prior to the expiration of the 30-day Temporary Owner's License. Failure to do so will result in an imposition by the Judges of a fine against the trainer or authorized agent. No horse will be allowed to race after the expiration of the Temporary Owner's License until a permanent owner's license is granted.


205 CMR 3.14

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