205 CMR 4.17 - Jockey Apprentices

(1) Any person 18 years of age or older, who has never previously been licensed as a jockey in a country, and who has of his or her own free will and if under age, with the written consent to his or her parents or guardian, bound himself or herself to an owner or trainer for a term of not less than three nor more than five years (subject to written extension if made for less than five years) by written contract approved by and filed with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and after at least one year of service with a racing stable, may claim in all overnight races, except handicaps, the following allowances:
(a) An apprentice shall ride with a five-pound allowance beginning with his or her first mount. The apprentice shall continue to ride with this allowance for one full year from the date of his or her fifth winning mount. If after riding one full year from the date of his or her fifth winning mount, the apprentice has failed to ride a total of 40 winners from the date of his or her first winning mount, he or she shall continue to ride with a five-pound weight allowance for one more year from the date of his or her fifth winning mount or until he or she has ridden a total of 40 winners, whichever comes first.
(b) After the completion of the conditions in 205 CMR 4.17(1)(a), for one year the apprentice may claim three pounds when riding horses owned by his or her original contract employer provided the contract has not been permanently transferred or sold since he or she rode his or her first winner.
(2) Apprentice contracts entered into in Massachusetts must be made on forms supplied by the Commission and must be accompanied by a birth certificate. An exact copy of the original contract shall be filed permanently with the Commission.
(3) No apprentice shall be permitted to acquire his or her own contract.
(4) If, by mutual consent between the contract holder and the apprentice and his or her parents or guardian, if under age, the contract is terminated before the expiration date, the contract is then null and void and cannot be transferred to another owner or trainer.
(5) If a person has been licensed he or she shall be allowed one contract only during his or her lifetime. However, 205 CMR 4.17(5) shall not prevent the transfer of the contract to another owner or trainer provided said transfer has the consent of the apprentice, and if under age, his or her parents or guardian, and the contract holder. All extensions of apprentice contracts shall be subject to the conditions of 205 CMR 4.17(6).
(6) Under exceptional circumstances, such as inability of an apprentice to ride because of service in the armed forces of the United States, personal injuries in the conduct of his or her duty, restrictions on racing, or other valid reasons which interfere with the allowance of one year from riding his or her fifth winner or the two year period in riding 40 winners, the Commission may extend the terms of the contract and the allowances provided by 205 CMR 4.00. In order to qualify for an extension of the apprentice allowance an apprentice must have been rendered unable to ride for a period of not less than seven consecutive days during the period in which he or she was entitled to an apprentice allowance.
(7) The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will recognize an extension of time on an apprentice contract approved by another Racing Commission.
(8) Allowances under 205 CMR 4.17 must be claimed at the time of entry and shall not be abandoned except by the consent of the Stewards.
(9) All apprentice contracts, whenever entered into must be registered with the Commission.
(10) If an apprentice contract is transferred it must be signed by the transferor and transferee, accepted by the apprentice and, if under age, by his or her parents or guardian, and must be registered with the Commission by both the transferor and transferee.
(11) The original apprentice jockey contract shall be kept in full force and effect throughout its contract period after said apprentice has accepted one or more mounts. Any and all amendments to said contract and all leases must be made a part of and either added to or attached to the copies in the possession of the parties and a like copy of said amendments and/or leases sent to the Commission where the original contract is filed.
(12) No owner or trainer shall be allowed to enter into a contract in Massachusetts with an apprentice jockey unless he or she is in control or possession of such a stable of horses as would, in the opinion of the Stewards, warrant the employment of an apprentice.
(13) No apprentice jockey will be licensed unless his or her contract employer is in control or possession of such a stable of horses as would, in the opinion of the Stewards, warrant his or her employment as an apprentice.
(14) An apprentice jockey shall not be permitted to ride for anyone other than his or her contract employer, without said employer's consent.
(15) An apprentice jockey may be granted an apprentice certificate issued by the Stewards, in lieu of a traditional apprentice contract. The apprentice certificate shall grant an apprentice all allowances and conditions that are granted to an apprentice that is under contract.
(16) A licensed apprentice who loses his or her apprentice allowance for any reason shall obtain a jockey license before being permitted to ride again.


205 CMR 4.17

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