205 CMR 4.33 - Starter

(1) Only the Starter or a deputy approved by him or her and by the Stewards may start a race.
(2) The Starter shall give all orders and take all measures necessary to insure a fair start.
(3) The Starter's decision as to the validity of a start shall be final. Likewise his or her decision as to whether a horse was locked in the gate shall be final.
(4) The Starter may appoint his or her assistants subject to the approval of the Stewards.
(5) Horses are in the hands of the Starter from the moment they enter the track on the way from paddock to post. They remain in his or her hands until the start.
(6) In case the alignment of the horses at the post is delayed, the Starter may permit jockeys to dismount and their mounts to be attended.
(7) Horses shall take their positions in numerical order from the inside rail, that order to be determined by postposition. However, if the starter deems a horse unruly, said horse may take position out of order.
(8) All flat races shall be started out of a stall gate.
(9) In case of necessity, by permission of the Stewards, a gate may be used with the doors open.
(10) If the number of horses starting in a stake race does not exceed the capacity of the track, but does exceed the number of stalls in the gate, the surplus may be started from outside the gate.
(11) The Starter may place vicious and unruly horses on the outside and behind the line.
(12) The Starter shall report to the Stewards by whom or by what cause any delay was occasioned and any cases of misconduct by jockeys when under his or her orders.
(13) The Starter shall maintain and keep available to the Stewards a daily record of all horses handled at the gate.
(14) The Starter shall maintain a Starter's list, and all horses shall be schooled to barrier or starting gate, if and when required under the personal supervision of himself or herself or his or her assistants.
(15) Only the Starter shall have the authority to designate the horses that shall constitute the Starter's list.
(16) The Starter shall file a copy of the Starter's list with the racing secretary.
(17) The Starter shall report to the racing secretary as soon as a horse on the list has been schooled sufficiently to be permitted to start.
(18) A horse will not be eligible to start until the starter orders the name stricken from the Starter's list.
(19) The concurrent statements of the Starter and his or her assistants as to incidents of the start are conclusive.
(20) Neither the Starter nor his or her assistants shall mistreat or use abusive language to a jockey.
(21) The Starter's approval of the starting ability of all two-year-olds must be obtained before the same are permitted to start. Likewise, his or her approval must be obtained for all older horses that have never started at a recognized meeting.
(22) If a horse is locked in the gate, the Starter shall immediately notify the Stewards who in turn shall immediately notify the manager of the Pari-mutuel Department.
(23) No person shall give to any starter or assistant starter, nor shall any starter or assistant starter receive money, anything of value, or other compensation for such starter's or assistant starter's services in connection with the running of any race or races. No Starter or assistant starter, shall either directly or indirectly bet on any race, or engage in any betting transaction nor have any interest in any horse.


205 CMR 4.33

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