205 CMR 7.05 - General-Interstate Common Pool Wagering

(1) All contracts governing participation in interstate common pool wagering shall be submitted to the Commission for approval prior to commencement of the first simulcast performance between the given host association and guest association. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w sec. A(1))
(2) Individual wagering transactions are made at the point of sale in the state where placed. Pari-mutuel pools are combined for computing odds and calculating payoffs but will be held separate for auditing and all other purposes. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w sec. A(2))
(3) Any surcharges or withholding in addition to the takeout shall only be applied in the jurisdiction otherwise imposing such surcharges or with holdings. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w sec. A(3))
(4) In determining whether to approve an interstate common pool which does not include the host track or which includes contests from more than one association, the commission shall consider and may approve use of a bet type which is not utilized at the host track, application of a takeout rate not in effect at the host track, or other factors which are presented to the Commission when in conformity with M.G.L. c. 128C. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w sec. A(4))
(5) The content and format of the visual display of racing and wagering information at facilities in other jurisdictions where wagering is permitted in the interstate common pool need not be identical to similar information permitted or required to be displayed under 205 CMR 7.00. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w sec. A(5))
(6) In the event of humanerr or, malfunction and any other breaches of 205 CMR 7.00 or accepted pari mutuel accounting practices, reports shall be filed with the Commission representative at the facility within 24 hours of the incident by all mutuel managers and tote operators involved and/or in charge. The report shall be specific as to date, time of race and pools affected by the incident and shall include:
(a) a narrative written explanation of the cause of the incident.
(b) any and all corrective measures that were taken.
(c) any and all solutions applied and/or any and all related rules, if such solutions are not governed by rules then:
1. a narrative explanation as to the basis for the solution applied.
2. any and all economic impact on the licensee's revenue that is a result of the incident.
(7) When the pools have been closed for wagering they may be re-opened only if the host track is willing to accept additional bets from the guest track. When the race is made official pools may not be re-opened under any circumstance for any reason.
(8) If the machines a reclosed and then are re-opened at the guest or host track within the Commonwealth a detailed written report by the mutuel manager shall be filed with the Commission representative and the tote operator immediately after the incident.
(9) The guest track may accept wagers on any pari-mutuel pool offered by the host track. The guest track assumes all liability to pay the posted price at the host track on all wages it accepts.
(10) The association shall prior to each simulcast or live simulcast meeting whether it is the host or guest association, notify the state representative on duty as to all contractual agreements and all percentages of distribution from the take-out from each simulcast program shown in that meet on the simulcast one form as provided by the Commonwealth.


205 CMR 7.05

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