205 CMR 7.08 - Guest State Participation in Interstate Common Pools

(1) With the prior approval of the Commission, pari-mutuel wagering pools may be combined with corresponding wagering pools in the host state, or with corresponding pools established by one or more other jurisdictions. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(1))
(2) The Commission may permit adjustment of the take-out from the pari-mutuel pool so that the take-out rate in this jurisdiction is identical to that at the host track, or identical to that of other jurisdictions participating in a merged pool. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(2))
(3) Rules established in the state of the host association designated for a pari - mutuel pool shall apply. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(4))
(4) The Commission shall approve agreements made between the association and other participants in interstate common pools governing the distribution of breakage between the jurisdictions. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(5))
(5) If for any reason, it becomes impossible to successfully merge the bets placed at the guest track into the interstate common pool at the host track, the guest track will pay all winning tickets the posted price sat the host track. After deducting appropriate take-out rates as required under M.G.L. c. 128C of the statutory 19% and 26% take - out rates. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(6))
(6) Each association shall maintain accurate and detailed records of all individual instances where the posted price at the host track is paid when the customers bet is not successfully merged into the interstate common pool at the host track. These records will accurately indicate a surplus or deficit for each and every pool involved. A copy of this report will be filed with the Commission representative at the track after each and every instance. On a daily basis a cumulative report, showing the up to date surplus or deficit, will be filed with the Commission representative at the track.

The association will retain possession of any surplus funds for the duration of the calendar year. The association may use any surplus to offset any deficit realized during the calendar year.

If at the end of the calendar year the association shows a surplus in this account, the entire amount of this surplus will be paid to defer operational cost of the Commission for simulcast events. If at the end of the calendar year the association shows a deficit in this account, there shall be no payment.

On the first day of January of the next calendar year the association shall start this account with a zero balance, regardless of whether the association ended the previous year with a surplus or a deficit.

Under the terms of 205 CMR 7.00 the association must pay the posted prices at the host track. The association may not create their own pool and the association may not refund these pools but must pay the posted prices at the host track.

(7) If the association accepts bets as a guest track on a pool that does not exist at a host track, the guest track will refund those bets. The association will not create their own pool.
(8) The guest track may only accept bets on pools that are offered on the host tracks betting menu. The guest track is not obligated to accept bets on all pools offered by the host track. The guest track may not accept bets on pools not offered by the host tracks. However, the guest track may create new pools on events of national significance with the permission of the Commission.
(9) Guest tracks may, at their option, issue a check for any winnings exceeding $5,000.00.
(10) Where takeout rates in the merged pool are not identical, the net price calculation shall be the method by which the differing takeout rates are applied and when in conformity with M.G.L. c. 128C. (ARCI c. 9 i.c.w. sec. B(3))


205 CMR 7.08

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