267 CMR 4.04 - Standards of Conduct

(1) Use of Title. A perfusionist shall only identify himself or herself as a perfusionist while in possession of a current license.
(2) Practice under a False or Different Name. A perfusionist shall engage in the practice of perfusion only under the name in which such license has been issued.
(3) Competency. A perfusionist shall only assume those duties and responsibilities within his or her scope of practice and for which he or she has acquired and maintained necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities.
(4) Falsification of Information. A perfusionist shall not knowingly falsify, or attempt to falsify, any documentation or information related to any aspect of licensure as a perfusionist, the practice of perfusion, or the delivery of services.
(5) Alteration or Destruction of Records. A perfusionist shall not inappropriately destroy or alter any record related to his or her work as a perfusionist.
(6) Discrimination. A perfusionist shall not withhold or deny care or services based on age, ancestry, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, religious creed, national origin, diagnosis, or mental or physical disability.
(7) Patient Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment, or Other Harm. A perfusionist shall not abuse, neglect, mistreat, or otherwise harm a patient.
(8) Patient Dignity and Privacy. A perfusionist shall safeguard a patient's dignity and right to privacy.
(9) Patient Confidential Information. A perfusionist shall safeguard patient information from any person or entity, not entitled to such information. A perfusionist shall share appropriate information only as required by law or authorized by the patient for the well-being or protection of the patient.
(10) Exercise of Undue Influence. A perfusionist shall not exercise undue influence on a patient, including the promotion or sale of services, goods, appliances or drugs, in such a manner as to exploit the patient for financial gain for the benefit of the perfusionist or a third party.
(11) Fraudulent Practices. A perfusionist shall not engage in any fraudulent practice including, but not limited to, billing for services not rendered or submitting false claims for reimbursement.
(12) Aiding Unlawful Activity. A perfusionist shall not aid any person in performing any act prohibited by law or regulation.
(13) Circumvention of Law. A perfusionist shall not receive from, or offer, give, or promise anything of value or benefit to, any official to circumvent any federal, state and local laws and regulations.
(14) Practice While Impaired. A perfusionist shall not act as a perfusionist while impaired by any substance or condition.
(15) Unlawful Acquisition and Possession of Controlled Substances. A perfusionist shall not unlawfully obtain or possess controlled substances.
(16) Duty to Report to the Board. A perfusionist has a duty to report to the Board if he or she directly observes another perfusionist or health care professional engaged in any of the following:
(a) abuse of a patient;
(b) practice of any health care worker under his or her supervision while impaired by substance use;
(c) diversion of controlled substances.
(17) Compliance with Agreements and Orders. A perfusionist shall comply with all provisions contained in any agreement he or she has entered into with the Board or in any order issued to him or her by the Board.


267 CMR 4.04
Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1344, eff. 7/28/2017.

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