314 CMR 12.05 - Safety Program

(1) All equipment and tools utilized by personnel working on treatment works shall be maintained by all persons in a safe and useable condition.
(2) Any person maintaining chlorine equipment at wastewater treatment facilities shall be provided with a self contained compressed air breathing apparatus and be instructed in its use. It is strongly suggested that an emergency tank repair kit be provided at facilities utilizing gaseous chlorine and that personnel be instructed in the use of such repair kit.
(3) Self contained compressed air masks, air tanks and all connections thereto shall be inspected and tested at least once every six months for general condition and operating functions. The tank shall be inspected for safety and structural integrity once every five years.
(4) At least one spare fully charged cylinder shall be kept on hand when self contained compressed air masks are provided as required under 314 CMR 12.05(2).
(5) Any person operating a sewer system or a wastewater treatment facility shall submit a report to the Department concerning any death or major injuries occurring at said system or facility. The report shall include as a minimum:
(a) the duties of the individual or individuals involved;
(b) what occurred;
(c) the cause (if known) of the accident;
(d) the extent of injuries; and
(e) the steps taken to minimize and prevent future accidents.

A copy of the insurance or municipal accident report will be accepted if the above items are included.

(6) Personnel involved in the maintenance and operation of sewer systems and wastewater treatment facilities shall be provided access to properly operating devices to determine the degree of flammability of an atmosphere and the amount of oxygen in an atmosphere. They shall also be provided with safety harnesses, rope, and any other safety devices required by their duties and responsibilities.
(7) Any person operating a sewer system or wastewater treatment facility shall provide adequate means for the practice of good personal hygiene by working personnel.
(8) At least one person on each shift should have an up to date certificate of training in basic or, preferably, advanced first aid obtainable through the American Red Cross.
(9) All wastewater treatment facilities personnel shall have immediate access to a first aid kit which shall be stocked with adequate supplies at all times.
(10) Any person operating a treatment works receiving sewage shall provide all personnel working at such works with all inoculations as required by the Department of Public Health.
(11) Water proof gloves shall be provided for working personnel who are likely to come into contact with sewage. It is strongly suggested that a complete change of work clothes be provided during working hours.
(12) Any and all alarm systems provided by wastewater treatment facility operators and sewer system operators shall be maintained in an operable condition and the operators shall test the alarm systems semi annually and submit all test results to the Department.
(13) Any and all chemical storage, metering systems, monitoring and associated alarms provided at a wastewater treatment facility for chemical addition shall be maintained in an operable condition and test monthly at a minimum. Operators shall test and calibrate the devices annually and shall submit all test results to the Department.


314 CMR 12.05
Amended, Mass Register Issue 1259, eff. 4/25/2014.

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