720 CMR 5.04 - Proposal Forms and Limitation of Proposals for Contractors

(1) Plans and Specifications. The Notice To Contractors or Advertisement For Bids shall specify the location where plans and specifications may be purchased, usually either the Department's offices, or the offices of a municipality advertising work under the provisions of M.G.L. c. 90, ยง 34.
(2) Limitation of Proposals. Except for projects for which Prequalification is not required under 720 CMR 5.04(2), an Official Proposal with a project value greater than or equal to $50,000 shall only be issued to Contractors that have been prequalified by the Prequalification Committee prior to the time of the bid opening. Prequalification must be in the specified class of work for said proposal and any Single Contract Limit in that specified class of work must be in an amount greater than or equal to the project value of the proposal. The project value for the proposal when added to the Contractor's uncompleted work as certified by the Contractor at the time of the purchase of the proposal, must not exceed the Aggregate Bonding Capacity established by the bidder's surety company and the Contractor must otherwise be in compliance with 720 CMR 5.00.
(3) An Official Proposal with a project value amount less than $50,000 may be issued to non-prequalified Contractors. Such Contractors must complete, prior to purchasing the Official Proposal, and Update Statement establishing that any uncompleted work under contract with the Department, when added to the project value of the proposal, equals less than $50,000.


720 CMR 5.04

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