720 CMR 5.09 - Application for Prequalification of Prospective Bidders for Statewide Engineering Field Survey Services

(1) General. Any Surveyor proposing to bid on Department survey work must furnish a statement on forms provided by the Department, setting forth its financial resources, vehicle, instrument, equipment and personnel resources, its organization, its experience; and other pertinent facts. The financial data shall be as of a date within one month prior to filing. The Department reserves the right to demand additional information at any time. All information furnished in any application by a prospective bidder shall be held in strict confidence by the Department and its agents, and shall be used only to determine the prospective bidder's Maximum Capacity Rating of work that the bidder shall be entitled to undertake in accordance with 720 CMR 5.00. No information contained in any such statement shall be imparted to any other person without the written consent of the prospective bidder. The Contractor must have appropriate and sufficient vehicles, instruments and equipment available to satisfactorily perform the contemplated work during the period of any contract which the contractor may be awarded, or show current assets sufficient to provide them. The Department shall have the right to inspect all required vehicles, instruments and equipment in order to determine compliance with proposed contract provisions.
(2) Time Limitation in Submitting Application for Prequalification. A request for prequalification will not be considered until a properly completed application has been submitted. Application for prequalification shall be submitted at least 12 calendar days preceding the day set for opening of bids for work upon which a contractor intends to bid.
(3) Action on Requests for Prequalification. Each Prequalification Application shall be reviewed by the Surveyors Prequalification Committee. The Committee shall analyze and verify as it deems necessary the information set forth therein, and determine the number of survey parties the prospective bidder shall be entitled to propose. Whenever the Committee is not satisfied with the sufficiency of the information provided, it may require the Surveyor to submit additional information, and pending the filing of such additional information, the Department may refuse to furnish such Surveyor with an official proposal book for survey work. The Committee may require a personal interview with a prospective bidder when considering its qualifications for a Rating. On or before the tenth calendar day after receipt of a prospective bidder's Prequalification Application by the Surveyors Prequalification Committee, the Department shall give the applicant written notice of its determination of the applicant's "Maximum Capacity Rating" for the number of survey parties it shall be entitled to bid, and such determination shall be subject to the applicant's right of appeal as set forth in 720 CMR 5.13.


720 CMR 5.09

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