740 CMR 30.01 - Definitions

Current through Register 1466, April 1, 2022

Except as otherwise provided, the definitions in 740 CMR 21.01 and 740 CMR 30.01 shall apply to 740 CMR 30.00. In the event of a conflict between the definitions in 740 CMR 21.00 and 740 CMR 30.00, the definition in 740 CMR 30.00 shall apply.

Access Control Door (ACS Door) - shall mean any door, gate or portal that provides access:

(a) to a SIDA; or

(b) to a Sterile Area from a public area of the Airport.

Aerodrome - shall mean that part of the Airport that is not open for public vehicular traffic or for other general public use, except for enplaning or deplaning Aircraft, said Aerodrome including but in no way being limited to runways, taxiways, landing areas, ramp and apron areas, and Aircraft parking and storage areas.

Air Carrier (AC) - shall mean any Person conducting operations at the Airport pursuant to a federal certificate to conduct commercial air transportation services.

Air Operations Area (AOA) - shall mean any area of the Airport used or intended to be used for landing, takeoff, or surface maneuvering of Aircraft.

Aircraft - shall mean and include any and all contrivances now or hereafter used for flight in air or space, including but not limited to airplanes, airships, dirigibles, helicopters, gliders, amphibians and seaplanes.

Airport - shall mean an airport owned or operated by the Authority.

Authority - shall mean the Massachusetts Port Authority, created by St. 1956, c. 465.

Aviation Service Operator (ASO) - shall mean and include any Person authorized by the Executive Director to perform aeronautical services as described in 740 CMR 26.01 through 26.99 at an Airport.

Executive Director - shall mean the duly-appointed Executive Director of Massachusetts Port Authority. In all matters pertaining to operation of an Airport the powers of the Executive Director under 740 CMR 21.00 may be exercised by the Director of Aviation, and specific powers may be further delegated in writing to other of the Authority staff.

Firearm - shall mean a weapon or device that is capable of expelling or is designed to or may readily be converted or assembled to enable it to expel either a single projectile or multiple projectiles at high velocity by the action of deflagration or a compressed gas.

Fixed Based Operator (FBO) - shall mean a company authorized by the Authority to sell and deliver and to provide into-Aircraft services, aviation fuel and lubricants and supplies or other aviation services authorized under 740 CMR 26.00 or otherwise approved by the Authority to owners and operators of Aircraft at an Airport.

General Aviation Termina l - shall mean a terminal building or facility that serves general aviation users of an Airport, including its associated parking ramps for general aviation Aircraft.

Holder - shall mean a person to whom Security Media or Identification Media has been issued.

Identification Media - shall mean a badge and/or other Authority-issued or approved media, the purpose of which is to evidence authorization by the Authority for the Holder of that media to work in a non-secured area, public area or non-Restricted Area of an Airport.

In-flight Emergency - shall mean a problem or condition arising while an Aircraft is in the air, which in the judgment of the pilot could endanger the safe completion of the flight, and is so declared by the pilot to ATC.

Permission - shall mean permission expressly granted by the Authority, unless otherwise specifically provided.

Person - shall mean and include any individual, firm, co-partnership, corporation, association or company (including any legally recognized or authorized entity, including without limitation, any assignee, receiver, trustee or similar representative thereof) or the United States of America or any foreign government or any state, political division thereof, or the United Nations.

Personal Identification Information - shall mean the numeric or alpha-numeric pass code, fingerprint, voiceprint, retinal print, facial recognition display or other method of identity verification that may be used in connection with the Airport's access control system.

Piggyback or Piggybacking - shall mean more than one person passing through or intentionally or knowingly allowing another person to pass through an ACS Door into a Secured Area or a Sterile Area during a single opening of that ACS Door without each person using her individual Security Media and Personal Identification Information for verification of access authorization.

Property - shall mean any object, item, parcel, luggage, baggage, material or tangible personal property.

Prohibited Item - shall mean Property not permitted by TSA to be carried by a person or within a person's possession into or within a Sterile Area.

Restricted Area - shall mean any area of the Airport to which the public does not have authorized access.

Security Identification Display Area ("SIDA") - shall mean an area of the Airport, for access to which the Authority requires Security Media, Massport-designated administrative office and operating facilities (e.g., the Tower and the Boutwell Building) excepted.

Security Media - shall mean the badge and/or other media or credential issued or recognized by the Authority as authorization to enter and to be present in a Restricted Area without escort.

Sponsor - shall mean the Person who certifies an applicant's need for Security Media or Identification Media and whose name appears on such media.

Sterile Area - shall have the meaning ascribed to it by 49 CFR 1540.

Temporary Visitor Pass (TVP) - shall mean a credential issued by the Authority that permits escorted access to a SIDA or Sterile Area of the Airport under the terms and conditions set forth in 740 CMR 30.00.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - shall mean the United States Transportation Security Administration or its successor agency.

Vehicle - shall mean and include any conveyance, including without limitation, any automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, horse drawn vehicles, bicycles, pushcarts, limousines, taxicabs, vehicles of carriers for hire, charter motor vehicles, and any other device in or upon or by which any person or Property is or may be transported, carried or drawn upon land except railroad rolling equipment or other devices running only on stationary rails or tracks, and Aircraft.


740 CMR 30.01

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