935 CMR 501.400 - Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License: Grounds for Denial of Application for Licensure

Each of the following, in and of itself, constitutes full and adequate grounds for denying an applicant on an application for an MTC License and the associated individuals and entities, but not for the renewal of a License.

(1) The applicant failed to complete the application process within the time required by the Commission.
(2) Information provided by the applicant was deceptive, misleading, false or fraudulent, or that tends to deceive or create a misleading impression, whether directly, or by omission or ambiguity, including lack of disclosure or insufficient disclosure.
(3) The application indicates an inability to maintain and operate an MTC in compliance with the requirements of St. 2016, c. 334, as amended by St. 2017, c. 55, M.G.L. c. 94I, and 935 CMR 501.000 including, but not limited to, 935 CMR 501.105 and 935 CMR 501.110 based on the submission of information required by 935 CMR 501.101(1) and (2).
(4) The applicant has been determined to be unsuitable pursuant to any one or more of the factors listed in 935 CMR 501.800 and 501.801.
(5) The applicant failed to comply with the control limitations listed in 935 CMR 501.050(1)(b) or would likely fail to comply with such limitations if a License were granted.
(6) An applicant had its License or registration revoked or application denied in the Commonwealth or an Other Jurisdiction.
(7) Any other ground that serves the purposes of St. 2016, c. 334, as amended by St. 2017, c. 55, M.G.L. c. 94I, or 935 CMR 501.000.


935 CMR 501.400
Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1380, eff. 12/23/2018. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1403, eff. 11/1/2019. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1406, eff. 11/1/2019. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1434, eff. 1/8/2021. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1507, eff. 10/27/2023.

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