995 CMR 2.04 - Public Information and Access

Current through Register 1466, April 1, 2022

(1) The Commissioners shall meet as often as necessary to conduct the business of the Commissioners. There must be at least two meetings of the Commissioners in each calendar year.
(2) Meetings may be called by either Commissioner and shall be held at the Office of the Commissioners, unless the Commissioners agree and decide to hold such meetings at another location.
(3) A special meeting of the Commissioners may be called by either Commissioner upon 24 hours notice, given by letter or fax or by telephone in an emergency, to the other Commissioner. A special meeting of the Commissioners may be held without notice or with less than 24 hours notice in the event that the Commissioners both attend and agree that circumstances require such a meeting.
(4) Any Pilot, when notified by letter or fax or, in an emergency by telephone, shall report in person to the Commissioners at the office of the Commissioners or other agreed meeting place unless otherwise engaged in pilot duties or unable to attend due to illness.
(5) All meetings of the Commissioners shall be open to the public and any person shall be allowed to attend any such meeting except for meetings or portions of meetings which the Commissioners agree must be held in executive sessions and which Massachusetts law permits to be held in executive session.
(6) Notices of meetings will be posted at: www.masspilotage.com.
(7) Prior to the adoption, amendment or repeal of any rules or regulations, the Commissioner shall:
(a) obtain the written approval of the Trustees of the Boston Marine Society to such adoption, amendment or repeal; and
(b) furnish not less than a 21-day notice to the public of the proposed action.
(8) Any public notice required to be given by the Commissioners shall be sufficient if given by:
(a) filing a copy of such notice with the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth;
(b) mailing or otherwise furnishing a copy of said notice to newspaper of general circulation in Massachusetts; and
(c) mailing or otherwise delivering a copy of said notice to any person or group which has filed within one year of the date of such notice a written request with the Commissioners for such notices and has furnished particulars for delivery of such notice.
(9) The Commissioners may require that any person or group desiring to communicate views or information to the Commissioners do so in writing and prior to any oral presentation. The Commissioners shall at all meetings have the right and obligation to control and limit oral presentations in such a fashion as to allow the orderly and efficient conduct of such meetings and of the business of the Commissioners.


995 CMR 2.04
Amended by Mass Register Issue 1378, eff. 11/16/2018.

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