995 CMR 4.24 - Miscellaneous

Current through Register 1466, April 1, 2022

(1) Each pilot must perform a reasonable and equitable share of pilotage duties at all times except when scheduled vacation or when unable to do so because of a temporary illness. Any pilot refusing or failing to perform a reasonable and equitable share of pilotage duties may have said pilot's Commission suspended or revoked.
(2) Any pilot desiring to take a leave of absence or permission to remain away from pilotage duties for more than 30 days must file a written application with the Commissioner for permission. Said application must specify the length of such requested leave and must state the reason for the request. The Commissioner may grant or reject the request after consideration of all the current facts.
(3) Each pilot shall report to the Commissioner, or may permit the organization to which he or she has associated, quarterly reports that includes the following information for each vessel piloted:
(a) Name;
(b) Draft;
(c) Date;
(d) Destination; and
(e) Amount of Fees collected.
(4) Each pilot is responsible to pay the Commissioner a fee totaling 4% of all pilotage service fees collected, such payment shall be made before the 10th day of the month immediately following each quarter.
(5) No pilot serving District Three as a Commissioned State pilot, or others so designated, may engage in unfair means or reduction of fees or rates so as to take a vessel from another pilot, and in the case of so doing, after hearing shall forfeit to the pilot so displaced the full amount of the legal pilotage fee. Such pilot who engages in such action is liable for suspension of his or her Commission.
(6) No pilot serving in District Three shall engage in behavior that is in violation of the ethics laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and in no way accept or offer gifts in excess of value of $50.00.
(7) The Commissioners shall provide pilots and their clients a "Pilotage Rate Schedule", based upon the recommendations of the State Pilotage Rate Board, increase such rates for Pilotage services. Such rates shall not exceed rates for Pilotage Services established in District One of Massachusetts.
(8) The Commissioner shall establish rates for Transit Pilotage services as required.


995 CMR 4.24

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