IBC chapter 9 is amended by adding a section to read as follows:



919.1 Scope and purpose. This section applies to post-fire smoke exhaust systems when they are required by other provisions of this code. The purpose of this section is to establish minimum requirements for the design and installation of smoke exhaust systems that are intended for the timely restoration of operations and overhaul activities once a fire is extinguished.
919.2 General design requirements. Post-fire smoke exhaust systems are not intended or designed as life safety systems and are not required to meet the provisions of Section 909. These systems are permitted to use dedicated equipment, the normal building HVAC system or other openings and shall have the capability to exhaust smoke from occupied spaces. Smoke removal may be by either mechanical or natural ventilation, but shall be capable of removing cold smoke. Smoke exhaust shall be permitted through elevator shafts. Smoke removed from a space shall be discharged to a safe location outside the building and may not be recirculated into the building in accordance with the Minnesota Mechanical Code.
919.3 Exhaust capability. The system shall have an air supply and smoke exhaust capability that will provide a minimum of three air changes per hour or remove smoke to less than a 5 percent concentration within one hour of operation. The system does not need to exhaust from all areas at the same time, but is permitted to be zoned based on the largest fire area served. For the purpose of calculating system size, the height of a compartment shall be considered to run from slab to slab and include the volume above suspended ceilings.
919.4 Operation. The smoke exhaust system shall be operated by manual controls that are readily accessible to the fire department at an approved location and shall incorporate an approved control diagram. When a system is zoned into areas of operation less than the entire building, each zone shall have an individual control. Fire department manual controls of post-fire smoke exhaust systems shall have the highest priority of any control point within the building. Smoke exhaust shall not be permitted through any exit enclosure as defined in Section 1002.
919.5 Inspection and testing. Post-fire smoke exhaust systems shall be inspected and tested annually.


Minn. R. 1305.0919
44 SR 609 effective 3/31/2020

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