Minn. R. 1305.3002 - SECTION 3002, HOISTWAY ENCLOSURES

Subpart 1. IBC section 3002.3.

IBC section 3002.3 is amended as follows:

3002.3 Emergency signs. An approved pictorial sign of a standardized design shall be posted adjacent to each elevator call station on all floors instructing occupants to use the exit stairways and not to use the elevators in case of fire. The sign shall be as illustrated in ASME A17.1, Figure 2.27.9.

(The exceptions remain unchanged.)

Subp. 2. IBC section 3002.4.

IBC section 3002.4 is amended to read as follows:

3002.4 Elevator car to accommodate ambulance stretcher. Where elevators are provided in buildings four or more stories above grade plane or four or more stories below grade plane, at least one elevator shall be provided for fire department emergency access to all floors. The elevator car shall be of such a size and arrangement to accommodate an ambulance stretcher 24 inches by 84 inches (610 mm by 2133.5 mm) with not less than 5-inch (127 mm) radius corners, in the horizontal, open position. The emergency access elevator shall be identified by the international symbol for emergency medical services (star of life). The symbol shall be not less than three inches (76 mm) high and shall be placed inside on both sides of the hoistway door frame at each floor level.

Exception: When approved by the authority having jurisdiction, in passenger elevators to be installed in existing buildings where existing hoistway configuration or technical infeasibility prohibits strict compliance with the minimum inside car size, the minimum inside car area may be reduced to not less than 48 inches by 48 inches.

Subp. 3. IBC section 3002.6.

IBC section 3002.6 is amended to read as follows:

3002.6 Prohibited doors. Doors, other than hoistway doors, elevator car doors, and smoke control doors, when required, shall be prohibited at the point of access to an elevator car. Smoke control doors shall be:
1. held open during normal operation by a "hold-open" device that is activated for closure by fire or smoke sensing devices located in the elevator lobby or its immediate vicinity; and
2. readily openable from inside the car without a key, tool, special knowledge, or effort when closed.
Subp. 4. IBC section 3002.9.

IBC section 3002.9 is amended to read as follows:

3002.9 Plumbing and mechanical systems. Plumbing and mechanical systems installed within elevator hoistways shall be provided in accordance with the following:
3002.9.1 Plumbing systems. Plumbing systems in hoistways shall be limited to and provided in accordance with Minnesota Rules, chapter 1307.
3002.9.2 Mechanical systems. Mechanical systems and mechanical components in hoistways shall be limited to those serving the hoistway. Mechanical systems serving the hoistway shall not serve other portions of the building.

(The exception is deleted.)


Minn. R. 1305.3002

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