Minn. R. 5206.0300 - SCOPE; EXCEPTIONS

Subpart 1. In general.

The provisions in this chapter apply to all employers and employees in Minnesota with the following exceptions.

Subp. 2. Technically qualified individuals.

Certain technically qualified individuals who meet the definition of physician, dentist, pharmacist, or lead research individual in part 5206.0100, subparts 3a, 11b, 14b, and 14c, are exempt from the provisions of this chapter, with the exception of part 5206.0700, subpart 1, item J. Technically qualified individuals are not exempt from the requirements of any other OSHA standard. Technically qualified individuals may only be designated in the following facilities: research laboratory, medical research laboratory, medical diagnostic or medical educational laboratory, health care facility, clinic associated with a laboratory or health care facility, or pharmacy registered and licensed under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 151.

Subp. 3. Farms.

Farming operations employing ten or fewer employees are exempt from all provisions of this chapter except that label information must be furnished to employees or their representative. Farming operations employing more than ten employees or that operate a temporary labor camp and employ any of its residents are required to comply with training requirements developed by the commissioner specifically for farming operations in parts 5206.1300 to 5206.1900.

Subp. 4. [Repealed, 13 SR 2219]
Subp. 5. [Repealed, 17 SR 1456]
Subp. 6. Waste service employers.

Employers that provide a service of collecting, processing, or disposing of waste regulated under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act are exempt from the hazardous substances and harmful physical agents training and information requirements of this chapter. These employers must develop and implement a training program for their employees and have that program approved by the commissioner.

Subp. 7. Laboratories.
A. Laboratories where the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals occurs must comply with the requirements of Code of Federal Regulations, title 29, section 1910.1450.
B. All other laboratories shall comply with chapter 5206.


Minn. R. 5206.0300
8 SR 1949; 13 SR 2219; 17 SR 1456

Statutory Authority: MS s 182.655

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