Minn. R., Part 6238.1650 - REPORTING REQUIREMENTS

Subpart 1. Required federal reporting; permittee's duties.
A. A permittee must comply with reporting requirements under federal regulations and must submit a paper or digital copy of the federal reporting form to the commissioner within ten days of the date that:
(1) the permittee takes, purchases, receives, or otherwise acquires a raptor;
(2) the permittee sells, barters, or otherwise disposes of a raptor;
(3) the permittee transfers a raptor to another type of permit (their own or that of another permittee), except that falconers do not need to transfer a raptor from a falconry permit to the permittee's own propagation permit if the raptor is used in propagation for less than eight months in a given year;
(4) the permittee loans a raptor or has a raptor returned from a loan. A raptor may be loaned between falconers or propagators for up to 120 days, after which the raptor must be either returned to the permittee or transferred to the recipient's permit. During the time of loan, the raptor counts toward the limit of the original holder. Upon transfer, the raptor counts toward the limit of the recipient;
(5) the permittee loses a raptor to the wild and does not recover the raptor within 30 days, except that hybrid raptors and raptors not native to Minnesota must also be reported within 48 hours according to the invasive species rules under part 6216.0280;
(6) a raptor dies while under a permit;
(7) a raptor is stolen from the permittee; or
(8) the permittee rebands or microchips a raptor, except that old band removal must be reported within five days. The reporting form must include the old band number and the new band or microchip number.
B. Under item A, subitems (2) to (4), a permittee must verify that any person receiving a raptor from the permittee has obtained all required permits necessary to receive the raptor.
C. A permittee must keep copies of all submissions listed under item A for a minimum of five years from the submission date.
Subp. 2. Required possession reporting.

Annually or as requested according to federal regulations, holders of falconry and propagation permits must report to the commissioner:

A. for all raptors in possession at the time of the report, the species, band numbers, sex (if known), and age (if known); whether wild or propagated; the date acquired; and where and, if applicable, from whom acquired;
B. for all raptors possessed since the previously submitted report but no longer in possession at the time of the current report, the species, band numbers, sex (if known), and age (if known); the date acquired; where and, if applicable, from whom acquired; and the date of disposition listing to whom given or whether the raptor escaped, died, or was released; and
C. all unused bands in possession.


Minn. R., Part 6238.1650
38 SR 299

Statutory Authority: MS s 97A.401; 97A.418

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