2 Miss. Code. R. § 903-4.1 - Overall Procedures

Current through April 7, 2022

Overall Procedures.

A. The District will submit a cost share plan that includes:
I. Overall objectives;
II. Listing of practices to be applied by priority and amount to be applied (goals);
III. Maximum cost for each component part of each practice;
IV. Amount of cost share funds needed to accomplish goals;
V. Action to be taken to implement the program.
VI. The plan should be submitted to the Commission by June 1 each year. Procedures for developing a cost share plan can be found as exhibit one at the end of Part 903.
B. The Commission will notify the district of the amount of cost share funds allocated to it by August 1 each year.
C. Each landowner/operator that requests cost share assistance will submit an application (Form MCSP-2).
D. Each application will be recorded on MCSP-4. (Summary of MCSP Requests)
E. Each technician and District will complete application (Form MCSP-2).
F. Technician will provide needed conservation planning assistance.
G. The district will notify the applicant by letter that the application has or has not been approved. If the practice was approved, 2 copies of form MCSP-2a (Practice approval and payment application) will be sent with the letter. The letter will provide instructions as to what the participant must do after practice is installed.
H. The district will enter the obligated amount of cost-share funds on form MCSP-3. (Allocation Balance Ledger)
I. Technician will provide needed "on-site" technical assistance to apply the practice.
J. After the practice is installed and the applicant has completed and returned both copies of form MCSP-2a, and cost documents, the technician and the district will complete their portion of the form.
K. The district will send the original copy of form MCSP-2a and cost documents to the Commission.
L. The Commission will process the request for payment.
M. The Commission will send payment with a copy of Form MCSP-2a to the participant.

A copy of a letter of transmittal will be sent to the district.

N. The district will complete Form MCSP-3.


2 Miss. Code. R. § 903-4.1
Miss. Code Ann. §§ 69-27-9, 69-27-313

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