37 Miss. Code. R. § 1-7501-04002-1701

Upon request, the applicant shall use a vicinity map showing the location and adjacent land uses. Pertinent information could include:

1. Numbers and/or names of all highways and roads which appear on the plan. The designation ?county road? on a cross road is insufficient since such designation does not identify the particular road.
2. Width of existing roadway pavements.
3. Distance from edge of pavement to side ditch and direction of flow in the ditch.
4. Distance from centerline of highway or road to right of way line.
5. For proposed above ground installations within 30 feet from the edge of the traveled way: miles per hour of any speed zone; design speed of the highway; whether or not the installation will be accessible to out of control vehicles.
6. Location of property lines.
7. Length of frontage.
8. Location of existing and proposed fuel pumps, buildings, grease and wash racks, etc.
9. Proposed width of entrance driveways measured parallel to the highway.
10. Angles of proposed driveways with highway.
11. Distance from driveway to property line or corner, measured along right of way line.
12. Distance between driveways measured along right of way line.
13. Proposed radii of all curves.
14. Location and size of any existing cross drain or side drain pipes or culverts and direction of flow within such structures.
15. Location, size, length and direction of flow of any proposed pipes or culverts.
16. Distance between fuel pump foundations and right of way line.
17. Location of rural entrance site with respect to nearest town or intersecting named or numbered road or highway; location of urban entrance site by naming cross streets bracketing the proposed work.
18. North arrow.
19. Scale in feet per inch if the plan is to scale.
20. Title showing name of owner and county in which the proposed work is located.
21. Any additional information necessary to present a picture of the site, such as sight distance if this is a feature, or difference in elevation between highway and right of way line if the difference will result in a six (6) percent or greater grade on the entrance drives, etc.
22. Highway project number and station number.


37 Miss. Code. R. § 1-7501-04002-1701
Amended 5/27/2021

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