Exhibit 2-902-4-9 - Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner Appointment Recommendation Form

Current through April 7, 2022

DISTRICT: ______________________________________________________ County SWCD

NAME OF NOMINEE: __________________________________________________________



(If Applicable) ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIPCODE: _______________________________________________________

HOME PHONE: __________________ BUSINESS PHONE: ____________________________

Upon acceptance to serve as a soil and water conservation district commissioner, I agree to devote the time required to actively participate in district affairs, including regular attendance at board meetings. I also agree to carry out the authorities of a district commissioner as set forth by the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission to the best of my ability. I recognize that in becoming a District Commissioner, I will be a public official.

Therefore, I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am a landowner or operator in _________________ County and do hereby agree to be nominated for a SWCD Commissioner to the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner. I further certify that I have not been convicted (unless pardoned) of bribery, perjury or other infamous crime.

DATE: ______________________

NOMINEE SIGNATURE: __________________________________

A majority of the commissioners of the __________________________ County Soil and Water Conservation District recommends to the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission the individual listed above as an appointed District Commissioner. This action has been recorded in the minutes of our board.

DATE: __________________________

SIGNATURE: __________________________________


NOTE: Send this original form to the Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Commission

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