Subpart 8501 - Planning

  1. Chapter 02020 - Surface Transportation Program Funds for Small Urban Cities
  2. Chapter 02030 - Transportation Enhancement Program
  3. Chapter 02040 - Urban Youth Corps Program Administration
  4. Chapter 02050 - Intermodal Connector Improvement Program Administration (§ 37-1-8501-02050-100 to 37-1-8501-02050-109)
  5. Chapter 02060 - Mississippi State Scenic Byways Administration
  6. Chapter 02070 - Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund Program
  7. Chapter 03010 - Highway Noise Studies (§ 37-1-8501-03010-100 to 37-1-8501-03010-101)
  8. Chapter 04010 - Procedures for the sale and distribution of maps
  9. Chapter 05010 - Traffic Count Requests
  10. Chapter 06010 - Highway System and Urban Area Boundary Revisions


100 To establish the Department's policy and procedures for the administration of Federal Surface Transportation Program Funds to small urban cities

101 The MTC makes funds available to cities with a population of 5000 and greater. This rule will set forth the procedures that cities must follow to receive these funds.

102 It will be the policy of the Mississippi Dept of Transportation, upon Mississippi Transportation Commission approval, to provide Federal Surface Transportation (STP) funds to cities with a population of 5,000 or greater as determined by the U.S. Census.

103 Upon Commission approval, the Planning Division will inform the eligible cities of funds available and will provide assistance to the cities in the administration of their program as required.

104 It will be the policy of the MDOT, that eligible cities follow program guidelines as set forth in the Local Surface Transportation Program Project Development Manual as amended. The current version of which is available from the MDOT website.

State regulations are updated quarterly; we currently have two versions available. Below is a comparison between our most recent version and the prior quarterly release. More comparison features will be added as we have more versions to compare.