Part 11 - Textbook Administration Handbook: Rules and Regulations for the Adoption, Distribution, Care and Use of Textbooks in Mississippi

  1. § 7-11-One - Public Schools (§ 7-11-One-I to 7-11-One-IX)
  2. § 7-11-Two - Non-Public And Special State Schools Regulations (§ 7-11-Two-I to 7-11-Two-X)
  3. § 7-11-Three - Publishers Regulations (§ 7-11-Three-I to 7-11-Three-X)

Current through April 7, 2022


The State Textbook Law (Section 37-43-19 c, Mississippi Codes of 1972 Annotated) authorizes the State Board of Education

(a) To promulgate rules and regulations for the purchase, care, use, disposal, distribution and accounting for all books to be furnished under the terms of this chapter and to promulgate such other rules and regulations as may be necessary for the proper administration of this chapter.
(b) To adopt, contract for, and make available for purchase, cash or credit, basal, supplementary or alternative textbooks through twelve (12) grades as provided in the school curriculum, or for any other course that it may add thereto.
(c) To determine the period of contract for rated and adopted textbooks which shall not be for less than four (4) years nor more than five (5) years, with the right of the board, in its discretion, to renew or extend such contract from year to year for a period not exceeding two (2) additional years and to determine the conditions of the approval or forfeiture of a contract and such other terms and conditions as may be necessary and not contrary to law.
(d) To have complete power and authority over additions and amendments to textbooks, advertising for bids and the contents thereof, including auxiliary materials and workbooks, advertising on the protective covers of textbooks, bids and proposals, prices of textbooks, specimen copies, cash deposits, selection and adoption, distribution, fumigation, emergencies, selling to others, return of deposits, forfeiture of deposits, regulations governing deposits, renovation and repair of books, requisition, transportation or shipment of books, and any other acts or regulations, not contrary to law, that may be deemed necessary for furnishing and loaning free textbooks to the school children, as provided in this chapter.

This publication is designed to provide a comprehensive outline reference for textbook publishing companies, public schools, non-public schools, special state schools of Mississippi and textbook publishing companies. Textbook issues not covered in the handbook should be directed to the Mississippi Department of Education's Textbook Office.

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