Part 142 - Guidelines and Clarification of Requirements for Issuance of Career and Technical Education (Occupation Educator) Licenses

  1. TAB 1 - CTE Stand Alone Endorsements (§ 7-142-301 to 7-142-993)
  2. TAB 2 - Supplemental or "Add On" Endorsements (§ 7-142-309 to 7-142-984)
  3. TAB 3 - Occupational Educator Licenses for Certain Postsecondary Areas

Current through April 7, 2022

Special Notes

1. All coursework required for any educator license or endorsement in this manual must:
a) be presented on an official academic transcript from an accredited educational institution and
b) have a grade of "C" or higher.
2. If workshops or education modules are taken to fulfill any requirement for any license or endorsement in this manual, the applicant must provide proof of completion.
3. Continuing Education Units or Courses completed for renewal of a license will meet the requirements for renewal of all Career & Technical Licenses or Endorsements held by an individual.
4. If the applicant meets all requirements listed, they will be issued a five-year License. If the applicant meets the educational and occupational experience requirements, but does not meet all other requirements, the applicant may be issued one (1) three-year license for a given license code; all requirements stated for the license must be satisfied prior to the ending date of that three - year license.
5. Applicants who have successfully completed Student Teaching/Teaching Internship are not required to complete Vocational Instructor Preparation (VIP)


Non - Education Degree - A Bachelor's degree that does not include Student Teaching

Student Teaching or Teaching Internship - A college course or courses in which the student participates in a directed teaching experience with a mentor teacher

Technical Certificate - A certification of successful completion of a course of study that normally does not include "Academic" course work and is completed in less than four semesters

Related Field - An applicant holds an earned two-year or four-year degree, as appropriate for the license being pursued, in any field and has completed eighteen (18) hours of acceptable coursework with an earned grade of "C" or higher in the subject area the license is requested

This is a guide for use in the Office of Educator Licensure and the Office of Career and Technical Education at the Mississippi Department of Education. This guide is distributed via the Mississippi Department of Education website through the Office of Educator Licensure.

Initial printing by RCU at MSU, November 2004, 2nd printing March 2005, 3rd printing October 2005, 4th printing January 2006, 5th printing July 2006, 6th printing June 2007, 7th printing July 2008, 8th printing July 2009, 9th printing July 2010 and updated October 2010, 10th printing March 2011. Beginning September, 2011 this document is distributed electronically.


Adopted 6/27/2015 Amended 11/2/2016 Amended 9/20/2017 Amended 12/10/2018 Amended1/20/2019 Amended 1/4/2020 Amended 9/28/2020 Amended 5/17/2021

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