10 CSR 25-4.261 - Methods for Identifying Hazardous Waste

PURPOSE: All of the rules in Title 10, Division 25 relating to hazardous waste generators, permitted hazardous waste facilities, and hazardous waste transporters were reviewed as part of the department's Red Tape Reduction initiative for the purpose of reducing regulations that unnecessarily burden individuals and businesses while doing little to protect or improve public health and safety and our natural resources. The purpose of this amendment is to make changes consistent with this initiative to this rule.

(1) The regulations set forth in 40 CFR part 261, July 1, 2013, as published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, Superintendent of Documents, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954, and the changes made at 78 FR 46447, July 31, 2013, 80 FR 1693, January 13, 2015, and 83 FR 24664, May 30, 2018, are incorporated by reference, except for the changes made at 55 FR 50450, December 6, 1990, 56 FR 27332, June 13, 1991, 60 FR 7366, February 7, 1995, 63 FR 33823, June 19, 1998, 70 FR 53453, September 8, 2005, and 73 FR 77954, December 19, 2008. This rule does not incorporate any subsequent amendments or additions. Except as provided otherwise in this rule, the substitution of terms set forth in 10 CSR 25-3.260(1)(A) applies in this rule in addition to any other modifications set forth in section (2) of this rule. Where conflicting rules exist in 10 CSR 25, the more stringent rules control.
(2) This section sets forth specific modifications of the regulations incorporated in section (1) of this rule. A person subject to identifying a hazardous waste shall comply with this section as it modifies 40 CFR part 261 as incorporated in this rule. (Comment: This section has been organized in order that all Missouri additions, changes, or deletions to any subpart of the federal regulation are noted within the corresponding subsection of this section. For example, changes to 40 CFR part 261 subpart A will be located in subsection (2)(A) of this rule.)
(A) General. The following are changes to 40 CFR part 261 subpart A incorporated in this rule:
1. (Reserved)
2. (Reserved)
3. (Reserved)
4. (Reserved)
5. (Reserved)
6. (Reserved)
7. 40 CFR 261.4(a)(16) is not incorporated in this rule (Note: The paragraph at 40 CFR 261.4(a)(16) added by 63 FR 33823, June 19, 1998, is the paragraph not incorporated by 10 CSR 25-4.261(2)(A) 9.);
8. (Reserved)
9. A generator shall submit the information in 40 CFR 261.4(e)(2)(v)(C) as incorporated in this rule to the department along with the Generator's Hazardous Waste Summary Report in 10 CSR 25-5.262(2)(D) 1.;
10. The changes to 40 CFR 261.5, special requirements for hazardous waste generated by conditionally exempt small quantity generators, incorporated in this rule are as follows:
A. The modification set forth in 10 CSR 25-3.260(1)(A) 24. applies in this rule in addition to other modifications set forth;
B. 40 CFR 261.5(g)(2) is not incorporated in this rule;
11. The substitution of terms in 10 CSR 25-3.260(1)(A) does not apply in 40 CFR 261.6(a)(3)(i), as incorporated in this rule. The state may not assume authority from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to receive notifications of intent to export or to transmit this information to other countries through the Department of State or to transmit Acknowledgments of Consent to the exporter. This modification does not relieve the regulated person of the responsibility to comply with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or other pertinent export control laws and regulations issued by other agencies;
12. (Reserved)
13. (Reserved)
14. (Reserved)
15. and (Reserved)
16. In accordance with section 260.432.5(2), RSMo, used cathode ray tubes (CRTs) may not be placed in a sanitary landfill, except as permitted by section 260.380.3, RSMo.
(B) Criteria for Identifying the Characteristics of Hazardous Waste and for Listing Hazardous Wastes. (Reserved)
(C) Characteristics of Hazardous Waste. (Reserved)
(D) Lists of Hazardous Wastes. The following are additions or changes to the lists in 40 CFR part 261 subpart D, incorporated in this rule:
1. 40 CFR 261.38 is not incorporated in this rule.
(E) Exclusions/Exemptions.
1. The substitution of the director of the Department of Natural Resources for the regional administrator discussed in 10 CSR 25-3.260(1)A.1. does not apply to the requirement for notification of the export of used CRTs established in 40 CFR 261.41.


10 CSR 25-4.261
AUTHORITY: section 260.370, RSMo Supp. 2010.* Original rule filed Dec. 16, 1985, effective Oct. 1, 1986. Amended: Filed Feb. 3, 1987, effective Aug. 1, 1987. Amended: Filed Dec. 1, 1987, effective Aug. 12, 1988. Amended: Filed Feb. 16, 1990, effective Dec. 31, 1990. Amended: Filed Jan. 15, 1991, effective Oct. 1, 1991. Amended: Filed Feb. 14, 1992, effective Dec. 3, 1992. Amended: Filed Aug. 14, 1992, effective May 6, 1993. Amended: Filed Jan. 5, 1993, effective Aug. 9, 1993. Amended: Filed June 3, 1993, effective Jan. 31, 1994. Amended: Filed Jan. 5, 1994, effective Aug. 28, 1994. Amended: Filed Aug. 16, 1995, effective April 30, 1996. Amended: Filed March 22, 1996, effective Nov. 30, 1996. Amended: Filed June 1, 1998, effective Jan. 30, 1999. Amended: Filed Feb. 1, 2001, effective Oct. 30, 2001. Amended: Filed March 31, 2006, effective Dec. 30, 2006. Amended: Filed Oct. 15, 2008, effective June 30, 2009. Amended: Filed April 15, 2011, effective Dec. 30, 2011. Amended by Missouri Register November 2, 2015/Volume 40, Number 21, effective 12/31/2015 Amended by Missouri Register February 1, 2019/Volume 44, Number 3, effective 4/1/2019

Pursuant to American Mining Wastes v. the U.S. EPA, cited as 907 F2d 1179 (D.C. Cir. 1990), the following waste streams are not incorporated by reference in this rule: K064, K065, K066, K090, and K091. These waste streams were remanded to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) by the United States Court of Appeals until the E PA provides adequate justification to the court for the listing of the wastes as hazardous. Suspension of these wastes from the state rule was effective February 28, 1991.

*Original authority: 260.370, RSMo 1977, amended 1980, 1988, 1993, 1995, 2004, 2010.

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