10 CSR 40-3.010 - Signs and Markers-General Requirements

PURPOSE: This rule sets forth general requirements as to signs and markers applicable to permanent performance requirements for surface coal mining in keeping with section 444.810, RSMo.

(1) Specifications. Signs and markers required under this chapter shall-
(A) Be posted and maintained by the person who conducts the surface mining activities;
(B) Be of a uniform design throughout the operation that can be easily seen and read;
(C) Be made of durable material; and
(D) Conform to local ordinances and codes.
(2) Duration of Maintenance, Signs and markers shall be maintained during the conduct of all activities to which they pertain.
(3) Mine and Permit Identification Signs.
(A) Identification signs shall be displayed at each point of access to the permit area from public roads.
(B) Signs shall show the name, business address and telephone number of the person who conducts the surface mining activities and the identification number of the current permit authorizing surface mining activities.
(C) Signs shall be retained and maintained until after the release of all bonds for the permit area.
(4) Perimeter Markers. The perimeter of a permit area shall be clearly marked before the beginning of surface mining activities.
(5) Bonded Area Markers. Where the permit area is bonded incrementally, the area bonded shall be clearly marked before the beginning of surface mining activities. Where the permit area is released in segments, the segments released shall be marked at the time of the release inspection unless already delineated by natural or man-made boundaries.
(6) Buffer Zone Markers. Buffer zones, as defined in 10 CSR 40-8.010(1)(A) 13., shall be marked along their boundaries as required under 10 CSR 40-3.040(18).
(7) Topsoil Markers. Where topsoil or other vegetation-supporting material is segregated and stockpiled as required under 10 CSR 40-3.030(3), the stockpiled material shall be clearly marked.


10 CSR 40-3.010
AUTHORITY: section 444.530, RSMo 1999.* Original rule filed Oct. 12, 1979, effective Feb. 11, 1980. Amended: Filed Jan. 5, 1987, effective July 1, 1987. Amended: Filed July 3, 1990, effective Nov. 30, 1990. Amended: Filed May 15, 1992, effective Jan. 15, 1993. Amended: Filed March 21, 2000, effective Oct. 30, 2000. "Original authority: 444.530, RSMo 1971, amended 1983, 1990, 1993.

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