19 CSR 30-62.212 - Transportation and Field Trips

Current through Register Vol. 47, No. 7, April 1, 2022

PURPOSE: This rule sets forth the requirements of a day care provider when transporting children and on field trips.

(1) General Requirements.
(A) The provider shall be responsible for the care, safety and supervision of children on field trips or at any time they transport children away from the facility.
(B) Written parental consent shall be on file at the facility for field trips and transportation.
(C) Parents shall be informed when field trips are planned.
(D) Short, unscheduled walks may be taken without parent notification. These unscheduled outings shall be discussed with the parent(s) at the time of enrollment.
(2) Vehicle and Vehicle Operator.
(A) The driver of any vehicle used to transport children shall be no less than eighteen (18) years of age and shall have a valid driver's license as required by Missouri law.
(B) All vehicles used to transport children shall be licensed in accordance with Missouri law.
(C) Children shall not be transported in campers, trailers or in the back of trucks.
(3) Safety and Supervision.
(A) All children shall be seated in a permanent seat and restrained by seat belts or child restraint devices as required by Missouri law.
(B) Identifying information regarding the name of the provider, the names of the children and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of each child's parent(s) shall be carried in the vehicle.
(C) Staff/child ratios shall be maintained at any time the provider transports children away from the facility.
(D) Children shall be required to remain seated while the vehicle is in motion.
(E) Doors shall be locked when the vehicle is moving.
(F) Order shall be maintained in the vehicle at all times.
(G) Children shall not be left unattended in a vehicle at any time.
(H) Children shall enter and leave the vehicle from the curbside unless the vehicle is in a protected area or driveway.
(I) Children shall be assisted, when necessary, while entering or leaving the vehicle.
(J) Children shall be released only to the parent(s) or individual(s) authorized by the parent(s).
(K) The operator of the vehicle shall wait until the child is in the custody of the parent(s) or individual(s) authorized by the parent(s) to receive the child.
(L) Head counts shall be taken before leaving the facility, after entering the vehicle, during a field trip, after taking the children to bathrooms, after returning to the vehicle and when back at the facility.
(M) When children leave the vehicle, the vehicle shall be inspected to ensure that no children are left on or under seats.


19 CSR 30-62.212
AUTHORITY: section 210.221.1(3), RSMo Supp. 1993.* This rule previously filed as 13 CSR 40-62.212 and 19 CSR 40-62.212. Original rule filed March 29, 1991, effective Oct. 31, 1991. Changed to 19 CSR 40-62.212, effective Dec. 9, 1993. Changed to 19 CSR 30-62.212 July 30, 1998.

*Original authority: 210.221.1(3), RSMo 1949, amended 1955, 1987, 1993.

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