20 CSR 2230-2.045 - Public Records

PURPOSE: This rule establishes standards of compliance with Chapter 610, RSMo, as it relates to public records of the State Board of Podiatric Medicine.

(1) All public records of the State Board of Podiatric Medicine shall be open for inspection and copying by the general public at the board's office during normal business hours, holidays excepted, except for those records closed pursuant to section 610.021, RSMo. All public meetings of the State Board of Podiatric Medicine, not closed pursuant to the provisions of section 610.021, RSMo, will be open to the public.
(2) The State Board of Podiatric Medicine establishes the executive director of the board as the custodian of its records as required by section 610.023, RSMo. The executive director is responsible for maintaining the board's records and for responding to requests for access to public records and may appoint deputy custodians as necessary for the efficient operation of the board.
(3) When the custodian believes that requested access is not required under Chapter 610, RSMo, the custodian shall inform the requesting party that compliance cannot be made, specifying what sections of Chapter 610, RSMo, require that the record remain closed. Correspondence or documentation of the denial shall be copied to the board's general counsel. The custodian also shall inform the requesting party that s/he may appeal directly to the board for access to the records requested. The appeal and all pertinent information shall be placed on the agenda for the board's next regularly scheduled meeting. If the board reverses the decision of the custodian, the board shall direct the custodian to advise the requesting party and supply access to the information during regular business hours at the requesting party's convenience.
(4) The custodian shall maintain a file that will contain copies of all written requests for access to records and responses to these requests. The requests shall be maintained on file with the board for a period of one (1) year and will be maintained as a public record of the board open for inspection by any member of the general public during regular business hours.
(5) Whenever a request for inspection of public records is made and the individual inspecting the records requests copies of the records, the board may charge a reasonable fee for the cost of inspecting and copying the records. The fee charged by the board shall be as follows:
(A) A fee for copying public records shall not exceed the actual cost of the document search and duplication; and
(B) The board may require payment for these fees prior to making the copies.


20 CSR 2230-2.045
AUTHORITY: sections 330.140, 610.010- 610.035, and 620.010.14, RSMo 2000.* This rule originally filed as 4 CSR 230-2.045. Original rule filed Nov. 1, 2001, effective April 30, 2002. Moved to 20 CSR 2230-2.045, effective Aug. 28, 2006.

*Original authority: 330.140, RSMo 1945, amended 1981, 1993, 1995, 1998; 610.010-610.035, see Missouri Revised Statutes; and 620.010, RSMo 1973, amended 1981, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2001.

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