20 CSR 2232-1.030 - Complaint Handling and Disposition

PURPOSE: This rule establishes a procedure for the receipt, handling and disposition of complaints involving interpreters.

(1) The Division of Professional Registration, in coordination with the Missouri State Committee of Interpreters, will receive and process each complaint made against any licensed interpreter, unlicensed individual or entity, in which the complaint alleges certain acts or practices may constitute one (1) or more violations of provisions of sections 209.319-209.339, RSMo, or the administrative rules involving interpreters. Any division staff member or committee member may file a complaint pursuant to this rule in the same manner as any member of the public.
(2) Complaints may be mailed or delivered to the following address: Missouri State Committee of Interpreters, 3605 Missouri Boulevard, PO Box 1335, Jefferson City, MO 65102. However, actual receipt of the complaint by the committee at its administrative offices in any manner shall be sufficient. Complaints may be based upon personal knowledge, or upon information and belief, reciting information received from other sources.
(3) All complaints shall be made in writing or by audiotape or videotape and shall fully identify the complainant by name and address. At the discretion of the committee, communication in person, via telephone or TTY may be considered and processed as a complaint. However, the person making such communication will be asked to supplement the communication with a written or taped complaint. Individuals with special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act may notify the committee office at (573) 526-7787 (Voice) for assistance. The TTY number for Relay Missouri is (800) 735-2966 and for Voice Relay Missouri the telephone number is (800) 735-2466.
(4) Each complaint received under this rule will be logged and maintained by the division. The log will contain a record of each complainant's name; the name and address of the subject(s) of the complaint; the date each complaint is received by the committee; a brief statement concerning the alleged acts or practices; a notation indicating the complaint was closed by the committee or a disciplinary action was filed with the Administrative Hearing Commission; and the ultimate disposition of the complaint. This log shall be a closed record of the committee.
(5) Each complaint received according to this rule shall be acknowledged in writing. The complainant and the subject of the complaint shall be notified in writing of the ultimate disposition of the complaint.
(6) This rule shall not be deemed to limit the authority to file a complaint with the Administrative Hearing Commission charging the licensee with any actionable conduct or violation, whether or not such a complaint exceeds the scope of the acts charged in a complaint filed with the committee.
(7) This rule exists for the benefit of those members of the public who submit complaints to the committee. This rule is not deemed to protect or inure to the benefit of those licensees or other persons against whom the committee has instituted or may institute administrative or judicial proceedings concerning possible violations of the provisions of sections 209.319-209.339, RSMo.


20 CSR 2232-1.030
AUTHORITY: sections 209.328.2(4), RSMo 1994 and 620.010.15(6), RSMo Supp. 1998.* This rule originally filed as 4 CSR 232-1.030. Original rule filed Feb. 18, 1999, effective July 30, 1999. Moved to 20 CSR 2232-1.030, effective Aug. 28, 2006.

*Original authority: 209.328, RSMo 1994 and 620.010, RSMo 1973, amended 1981, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995.

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