5 CSR 20-500.120 - Definitions

5 CSR 20-500.120. Definitions

PURPOSE: This rule establishes definitions for the State Board of Education through the Office of Adult Learning and Rehabilitation Services, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the standards and procedures to provide vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for applicants and eligible individuals with disabilities pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, 29 U.S.C. section 701 et. seq.

(1) Comparable services. Services available under any other program (other than a program carried out under this title), which contribute to the achievement of the individual's rehabilitation goal.

(2) Statewide government agency for order of selection. A governmental agency/program which benefits individuals in terms of their rehabilitation goals and whose mission is compatible with the federal act and/or applicable regulations and is available to persons throughout the state; i.e., a person from any part of the state may be referred to and referred from the governmental agency/program. The governmental agency/program may not be locally operated for the benefit of only local residents.

(3) Disability related expenses. Medication, therapy, medical treatment, prosthetic appliances, repairs to equipment, etc., which directly relates to an individual or family member with a disability and is not covered by insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other third party payee.

(4) Independent individual for financial needs purposes. Any individual who meets any one (1) of the following criteria: is twenty-four (24) years old; a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces; a ward of the court; both parents are deceased; has legal dependents other than a spouse; is married and not claimed as an income tax exemption during the current tax year; is unmarried and not claimed as an income tax exemption during the past two (2) years

(5) Dependent. An individual not meeting any of the criteria as an independent individual for financial needs purposes. When the client is a dependent, the vocational rehabilitation financial application must be completed by the parent(s)/guardian to determine the individual's eligibility for services based on financial need.

(6) A secondary service is a service (e.g., child care) that may be required by the eligible individual or an eligible individual's family member to enable the individual to complete the primary rehabilitation service(s).

(7) Extreme medical risk is a probability of substantially increasing functional impairment or death if medical services including mental health services are not provided expeditiously as recommended by an appropriate licensed medical professional.

(AUTHORITY: section 161.092, RSMo Supp. 2013, and sections 178.600, 178.610, and 178.620, RSMo 2000. This rule previously filed as 5 CSR 90-4.100. Original rule filed Dec. 17, 1999, effective Aug. 30, 2000. Moved to 5 CSR 20-500.120, effective Aug. 16, 2011 . Amended: Filed Sept. 27, 2013, effective May 31, 2014.)

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