5 CSR 30-680.070 - Summer Food Service Program-Request for Waiver

5 CSR 30-680.070. Summer Food Service Program-Request for Waiver

PURPOSE: Senate Bill 449, the Hunger Relief Act, outlines provisions for participation in the United States Department of Agriculture's Summer Food Service Program as authorized under 42 USC 1761 by eligible service institutions. Eligible service institutions include public nonprofit school food authorities. This rule describes the process by which public nonprofit school food authorities may obtain a waiver excusing them from participating in the Summer Food Service Program.

(1) Summer Food Service Participation Waiver.

(A) A public school district may receive a waiver from participating in the Summer Food Service Program from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The board of education of the school district seeking a waiver must adopt by majority vote a resolution requesting a waiver from participating in the Summer Food Service Program.

(B) A written request for a waiver shall be filed with DESE and shall contain the name of the school district, a statement indicating the board of education's reason(s) for the waiver, the date of the board action, the effective date of the waiver and the signature of the board president, board secretary or superintendent.

(C) A request for a waiver may be submitted at any time during the year but should be submitted before the end of the school year. Following DESE approval of a waiver, it will be valid for a period of three (3) years. At the end of that time, the request process must be repeated. A board of education may rescind a waiver at any time.

(D) Documentation of the waiver must be kept on file at the school district office and made available for review by interested individuals.

(AUTHORITY: section 191.810, RSMo Supp. 1992.* Original rule filed Dec. 21, 1992, effective Aug. 9, 1993. )

*Original authority: 191.810, RSMo 1992.

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