7 CSR 10-25.060 - Trip Permits and Hunter's (Unladen) Permits

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 24, December 15, 2021

PURPOSE: The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission has the authority to issue trip permits for specified limited periods of commercial interstate use of Missouri highways. This rule interprets the purposes and the requirements for such issuance by the commission.

(1) Definitions.
(A) Fuel trip permit means a seventy-two (72) hour permit which is used to satisfy motor fuel use tax obligations on a trip-by-trip basis.
(B) Hunter's (Unladen) permit authorizes the movement of a vehicle which was proportionally registered in Missouri for purposes of securing a new lease agreement at the empty weight for thirty (30) days in member jurisdictions of the International Registration Plan (IRP).
(C) Seventy-two (72) hour reciprocity trip permit authorizes a vehicle legally registered in another jurisdiction to be operated intra-jurisdictionally and inter-jurisdictionally on the highways of Missouri in lieu of apportioned or full registration.
(D) Seventy-two (72) hour permit authorizes the movement of a vehicle on the highways of Missouri pending issuance of credentials when such vehicle is registered in accordance with Chapter 390, RSMo.
(2) Trip permits may be obtained from the commission through its Motor Carrier Services Division (MCS) in Jefferson City, Missouri, by facsimile, electronically, telephone, private contractors, or in person. The commission will not assume responsibility of loss for a transaction between two (2) private entities when a permit is not claimed by the applicant.
(3) Trip permits may be obtained either singly as one (1) permit, in two (2) parts as one (1) permit, or in three (3) parts as one (1) permit in any number by completing the application and remitting the proper fees.
(4) The commission is authorized to enter into contracts with third parties to sell trip permits to the general public.
(5) A hunter's permit may be obtained from the commission only when:
(A) The commercial motor vehicle has been proportionally registered with the commission;
(B) The vehicle cannot be operated on Missouri highways because of lease cancellation;
(C) The plate on the vehicle has been returned to either the commission or to the lessee; and
(D) All other prerequisites of section 301.266, RSMo are fulfilled.
(6) The fee for trip or hunter's permits specified under state law is nonrefundable.
(7) The trip or hunter's permit shall be in full force and effect before the operation of the motor vehicle commences on Missouri highways.


7 CSR 10-25.060
AUTHORITY: sections 142.830, 226.130, 301.265, 301.267, and 301.275, RSMo 2000 and 226.008 and 390.136, RSMo Supp. 2007.* This rule originally filed as 12 CSR 20-6.010. Original rule filed Nov. 20, 1967, effective Jan. 1, 1968. Amended: Filed Oct. 15, 1986, effective Jan. 30, 1987. Moved to 7 CSR 10-25.060 and amended: Filed Aug. 9, 2007, effective Feb. 29, 2008.

*Original authority: 142.830, RSMo 1998; 226.130, RSMo 1939, amended 1993, 1995; 301.265, RSMo 1965, amended 1971, 1975, 1986; 301.267, RSMo 1975, amended 1986; 301.275, RSMo 1958; 226.008, RSMo 1988, amended 1993, 2002; and 390.136, RSMo 1990, amended 2004.

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