7 CSR 10-6.050 - Outdoor Advertising Beyond Six Hundred Sixty Feet (660') of the Right-of-Way

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 24, December 15, 2021

PURPOSE: This amendment removes unnecessary restrictive language.

(1) Definitions (see 7 CSR 10-6.015 ).
(2) Determination of Urban Areas. The term urban area is defined by section 226.510(6), RSMo.
(3) Determination of Purpose.
(A) Criteria. The department's authorized representative shall determine under section 226.527, RSMo, when a sign is erected with the purpose of its message being read from the main-traveled way of an interstate or primary highway

(A) Criteria. The determination shall be made after consideration of, but not limited to, the following and any other relevant criteria:

1. Angle. The positioning or angle of a sign to an adjacent highway;
2. Size. The distance of the sign from the controlled highway in relation to the size of the sign. If a sign is large enough so that its message can be read from the highway, it may be assigned to that highway;
3. Message content. Whether or not the sign's message is applicable to a particular highway;
4. Physical obstructions. The presence of or selective removal of physical obstructions, natural or man-made, impairing a motorist's view of the sign from the highway; and
5. Exposure time. The period of time a motorist traveling on the adjacent highway at the maximum posted speed limit would be exposed to the sign's message. A sign which cannot be read from the adjacent highway should not be assigned to that highway.
(B) Multiple Highways. A sign may be visible or erected, or both, with the purpose of its message being read from two (2) or more interstate or primary highways. These signs must comply with the sizing, lighting, spacing, location, and permit requirements applicable to each interstate or primary highway. To promote highway safety, where there is a conflict between sizing, lighting, spacing, or location requirements of sections 226.500-226.600, RSMo, the most restrictive requirements prevail.
(4) Permits (see 7 CSR 10-6.070 for state permit requirements).


7 CSR 10-6.050
AUTHORITY: section 226.150, RSMo 2000, and sections 226.500-226.600, RSMo 2000 and Supp. 2013. Original rule filed May 16, 1977, effective Oct. 15, 1977. For intervening history, please consult the Code of State Regulations. Amended: Filed Oct. 3, 2013, effective May 31, 2014. Amended by Missouri Register March 15, 2018/Volume 43, Number 6, effective 4/30/2018

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