Mont. Admin. R. 12.3.622 - SUPER-TAG HUNTING LICENSES

(1) For each species, as designated in 87-1-271, MCA, an unlimited number of chances to draw a super-tag will be sold at $5 per chance.
(2) The department will conduct a drawing to select the super-tag winner for each species.
(3) Only a person legally eligible to be licensed may purchase chances to draw a super-tag or use a super-tag. A person must possess a valid conservation license to be eligible to purchase a chance to draw a super-tag.
(4) The super-tag is valid for the taking of one animal of the species for which it is issued and is valid only for the current license year. A super-tag may be used in any legally described hunting district with an established season. The person using the super-tag may use it only during a hunting district's established season and is subject to all hunting regulations, including special weapons regulations, that apply to a hunting district. However, if a hunting district requires a permit to hunt that species in that district, a super-tag can be used without the special permit, and a super-tag is not subject to an established quota in a hunting district.
(5) In the event that a person who drew a license or purchased a license is also drawn for the super-tag for the same species, the person must surrender the license to the department before receiving the super-tag. The department will refund the license fee paid by the winner of the super-tag. The person winning the super-tag shall retain any accumulated bonus points for that species.
(6) The super-tag is a nontransferable license.


Mont. Admin. R. 12.3.622
TRANS from 12.3.185, 2022 MAR p. 325, Eff. 3/12/2022.

AUTH: 87-1-201, MCA; IMP: 87-1-201, MCA

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