Mont. Admin. R. 2.63.204 - GENERAL PROVISIONS

(1) The lottery shall provide lottery tickets , promotional coupons, and sports wagering to the public whenever the director, with the commission's concurrence, finds it feasible and in the state's best interest.
(2) The director shall adopt working papers for each scratch game, including, but not limited to:
(a) game name;
(b) ticket design;
(c) number of tickets;
(d) book size;
(e) security specifications;
(f) prize structure; and
(g) shipping requirements.
(3) The director shall determine, with the commission's concurrence, the length of each lottery game or promotional coupon. The starting date and closing date of each game or coupon must be publicly announced.
(4) The director shall adopt parameters for all games, including, but not limited to:
(a) prize structures;
(b) validation requirements;
(c) drawing eligibility;
(d) claim periods;
(e) prize restrictions; and (f) other game-specific requirements.
(5) Game and promotional coupon parameters are subject to the commission's concurrence.
(6) The commission shall adopt parameters for sports wagering games, including but not limited to:
(a) holding fixed odds wagering;
(b) bettor participation in wagering games;
(c) minimum and maximum wager limits;
(d) bet acceptance;
(e) bet cancellation;
(f) event results;
(g) winning bets;
(h) winnings payouts;
(i) maximum winnings;
(j) disputes and complaints; and
(k) sports and bet types.
(7) The director may conduct a grand prize event. The procedures for conducting preliminary drawings and for the grand prize event shall be determined by the director, subject to 23-7-102, MCA.


Mont. Admin. R. 2.63.204
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AUTH: 23-7-202, MCA; IMP: 23-7-110, 23-7-202, 23-7-211, 23-7-212, 23-7-301, MCA

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