Mont. Admin. R. 24.174.903 - PATIENT COUNSELING

(1) Upon receipt of a new prescription drug order or refill prescription drug order if deemed necessary by the pharmacist, and following a review of the patient's record, a pharmacist shall personally offer to discuss matters which will enhance or optimize drug therapy with each patient or caregiver of such patient. Such discussion shall be in person, whenever practicable, or by telephone, and shall include appropriate elements of patient counseling. Such elements may include the following:
(a) the name and description of the drug;
(b) the dosage form, dose, route of administration, and duration of drug therapy;
(c) intended use of the drug and expected action;
(d) special directions and precautions for preparation, administration, and use by the patient;
(e) common severe side or adverse effects or interactions and therapeutic contraindications that may be encountered, including their avoidance, and the action required if they occur;
(f) techniques for self-monitoring drug therapy;
(g) proper storage;
(h) prescription refill information;
(i) action to be taken in the event of a missed dose; and
(j) pharmacist comments relevant to the individual's drug therapy, including any other information peculiar to the specific patient or drug.
(2) Each pharmacy shall have at least one area that offers appropriate visual and auditory patient confidentiality for patient counseling.
(3) Alternative forms of patient information shall be used to supplement patient counseling when appropriate. Examples include written information leaflets, pictogram labels, video programs, etc.
(4) Patient counseling, as described above and defined in this Act shall not be required for inpatients of a hospital or institution where other licensed health care professionals are authorized to administer the drug(s) . Any pharmacist dispensing medication to be self-administered outside an institution shall comply with all patient counseling statutes and rules.
(5) A pharmacist shall not be required to counsel a patient or caregiver when the patient or caregiver refuses such consultation. A record of the refusal shall be maintained by the pharmacist.


Mont. Admin. R. 24.174.903
NEW, 1993 MAR p. 293, Eff. 2/26/93; AMD, 2000 MAR p. 2005, Eff. 7/28/00; TRANS, from Commerce, 2002 MAR p. 904; AMD, 2015 MAR p. 302, Eff. 3/27/2015

AUTH: 37-7-201, MCA; IMP: 37-7-406, MCA

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