(1) The board-approved form for public land survey system corners and the board-approved form for non-public land survey system corners for recordation of corners pursuant to the Corner Recordation Act of Montana (Title 70, chapter 22, part 1, MCA) are available on the board web site.
(2) The information to be included in a corner record is as follows:
(a) A description or quotation of those portions of the original or subsequent record which were used in evaluating the corner position.
(i) The original record for corners of government surveys will usually be the general land office field notes.
(ii) The original record for nongovernment surveys will usually be subdivision plats, certificates of survey, or other surveys of record.
(iii) Subsequent record can come from sources such as previously filed corner records, maps and plats, private and public records, etc. Some of the subsequent record, even though not in the public record, but known to have validity by the surveyor, may be quoted and appropriately noted. The record data help support the reestablished corner position because they clearly show on what history the surveyor based the corner position. In some cases, however, the record may be unknown or not pertinent. A statement to that effect, if applicable, must appear on the corner record.
(b) A description of the original or subsequent record evidence found that locates the corner position.
(i) If portions of the found evidence cannot be reconciled with the record, then the disregarded record must be noted, and if possible, an opinion as to its cause narrated.
(ii) If no physical evidence of the original or subsequent monuments and accessories can be found, then the method used to reestablish the lost or obliterated corner (single proportion, fence intersection, parol evidence, terrain calls, centerline of road, etc.) shall be indicated.
(iii) Measurements used to establish proportioned positions must be shown on the corner recordation form or on a filed certificate of survey or subdivision plat referenced on the recordation form.
(c) A listing of all details about the corner and its location which will help exclusively identify the corner position, including size and type of monument and accessory, how marked if not shown in sketch, and distinguishing topographic calls which help locate the corner. In many cases, instructions on how to find the corner should be included.
(i) For public land survey system corners requiring recordation, sufficient information must be shown on the form to enable subsequent surveyors to verify the corner position identified on the form, and to reestablish the corner position if the monument is obliterated. Ideally, the references will be to at least two identifiable accessories or surveyed dimensions to two survey monuments.
(ii) References or ties to other corners are optional and may be drawn on the face or back of the corner record form, or references to certificate of survey may be made. Separate drawings may be attached to the corner form. If state plane coordinate values for the corner position are shown, then the control upon which they are based should be indicated.
(d) A sketch of the corner to show how a found or set corner is marked or show topography or accessory monuments found or set and their relation to the corner. There is no stipulated format; the sketch could be transcribed field note entries. For corners which were first shown on subdivision plats or on recorded or filed surveys, enough information must be shown so that the corner can be identified.
(e) The surveyor who performed or directed the field work which is depicted on the corner record shall sign and affix the licensee's seal in the certification.
(i) The affixing of the licensee's seal constitutes a certification by the surveyor that the corner record has been prepared in conformance with the Corner Recordation Act of Montana and the rules implementing the Act.
(ii) The employer blank is optional but useful in tracking down original field note data or adjacent record if, in the future, questions arise about the corner. The name and signature of the ground party chief is also optional information on the record form.
(f) For public land survey system corners, the cross index at the bottom of the page must be completed by the surveyor. Only the single township and range index where the corner is filed is to be completed.
(i) For corner records to be filed under the survey of record index, the index information must be filled in as completely as possible by the surveyor and made clear the name and number(s) of the recorded survey and the lot or parcel designation. The corner location diagram must have the pertinent section number filled in and a closed circle indicating the appropriate corner position in the section. This is intended to be an aid in searching the record once it has been filed.


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