(1) The department shall establish on a continuing basis a state apprenticeship advisory council pursuant to the provisions of 29 CFR part 29, and in accordance with 2-15-122, MCA. The state apprenticeship advisory council is a state apprenticeship council, operating as an advisory body, within the definitions contained in 29 CFR section 29.2.
(2) Members of the state apprenticeship advisory council are appointed by the commissioner of labor and industry.
(3) The commissioner shall appoint members of the state apprenticeship advisory council that, to the greatest extent feasible:
(a) equitably reflect the geographic and social diversity of apprenticeship within the state; and
(b) equitably reflect the balance between apprentice sponsors whose members are affiliated with labor organizations and those whose members are not signatories to collective bargaining agreements.
(4) The council consists of at least 7, but not more than 25, appointed, voting members. The members must be familiar with apprenticeable occupations.
(a) The council must have an equal number of representatives of employer and employee organizations.
(b) At least one member of the council must be a public member who is not directly affiliated with an employer, a sponsor, or a labor organization. The total number of public members may not exceed the number of members who serve as a representative of an employee or an employer organization.
(c) The commissioner, or the commissioner's delegate, shall serve as an ex-officio member of the council.
(d) The department may designate appropriate individuals, such as department employees, to provide support functions for the council as needed. Such individuals are not voting members of the council, but may be given a voice at council meetings at the discretion of the council's presiding officer.
(5) Meetings of the state apprenticeship advisory council are open, public meetings within the meaning of Title 2, chapter 3, part 2, MCA.


Mont. Admin. R. 24.21.205
NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2962, Eff. 12/24/10.

39-6-101, MCA; IMP, 2-3-203, 2-15-122, 39-6-101, MCA;

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