Transactions meeting the following conditions will be deemed exempt from the registration provisions of the Act:

002.01 The proceeds from all sales of securities by the issuer in any two year period do not exceed seven hundred fifty thousand dollars $750, 000.00) and at least eighty percent of the proceeds are used in Nebraska;

002.02 No commission or other remuneration is paid or given directly or indirectly for soliciting any prospective buyer except to a registered agent of a registered broker-dealer;

002.03 The issuer is not disqualified under Section 006, below;

002.04 The issuer shall file a notice, as specified in Section 003, below, with the Department of Banking and Finance, P.O. Box 95006, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5006, no later than fifteen business days prior to any sales for which an exemption under this Rule is claimed; and

002.05 The issuer shall, within thirty days after the completion of the offering, file with the Director a statement setting forth the number of investors, the total dollar amount raised, and disclosure of the use of proceeds.

002.06 The offering shall be conducted in compliance with the federal "Intrastate Offers and Sales" exemption, 17 CFR 230.147, or the federal "Intrastate Offering Exemption", 17 CFR 230.147A.

(Adopted effective May 11, 2016. Amended effective 11/25/2018)

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